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one hankers for summer's return
to again feel a warmer burn
the balmy touch shall so elate        
basking in the sun's genial sate

oh depart gelid winter song
you've tarried around far too long
come back one's most favoured mate
basking in the sun's genial sate

in time one's yearing shall subside
on a change to the season's tide  
one awaits until that choice date
basking in the sun's genial sate  

one hankers for summer's return
basking in the sun's genial sate
annh Sep 2020
Beauty is not favoured by comparison.
Does that make sense? I’m not sure. Do I mean that we tend not to see the ‘beauty’ in ourselves? Definitely. Do I mean that what is considered ‘beautiful’ by the majority nullifies the minority’s perspective? Probably. Do I mean that ‘beauty’ does not always demonstrate generosity or humility? Maybe. And why have I used inverted commas? No idea. It appears that B-E-A-U-T-Y is easier to appreciate than it is to define.

‘When she transformed into a butterfly,
the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty,
but of her weirdness. They wanted her
to change back into what she always
had been. But she had wings.’
- Dean Jackson
she's not averse
to plunging
the dagger
it's become
her most favored
piece of

deeply penetrating
the flesh of the back
always employing this form
of unguarded attack

her relish
for keen steel
out of control
ever she's
wanting to pierce
a hole

jab after jab
**** after ****
lunging with the
well sharpened rod
on being favoured he had
an immense desire
to be numero uno with
everyone lit his fire
the unabated chase
in wanting a selfish admire
yet he got bogged down
by his messy quagmire

after some while supporters
deserted his camp
for they'd no longer be
a reliable rubber stamp
all the cheerleaders took
away his resolute ramp
there he was left as
a failed starring champ*

the bright spotlight didn't
shine on him again
his devotees worked out
the idol's me train
as we all know stardom
is a transient plain
not ever staying fixed
*in its worshiping strain

— The End —