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Lily Feb 2019
The sight of it brings back memories of
Your rival team, confronting you on the line of scrimmage,
The rain pouring down, stinging your face,
Your breath misting in the arctic air.

The smell of it brings you back to that Friday night
When you tripped up the bleachers and
Spilled popcorn all over yourself because
Her red hair and bright smile made you stop in your tracks.

The clang of the pins against each other
Follows you in the hallway wherever you go,
Reminding you of that triumphant feeling
That took over when your basketball team won districts.

The warm feeling that fills your heart when
You give it to her, the red-haired bright-smiled girl,
Matches the warm feeling she feels when she
Puts it on, drowning in your scent.

You know that years later, after you’ve left high school
And everything about that place behind,
The sight of that jacket will bring back all the memories
Of football games, Friday nights, championships, and her.
we don't know what we have until it's gone
Brianca Kreeger Sep 2018
Soccer practice, as always, was grueling
Sweaty sediment sticks until showers
But the adrenaline is still pumping
Really? Do we need to smell like flowers?

No no, athletes deserve a better scent
Testosterone and *** suit us better
Instead, let us take a moment to vent
Afterwards, wear our Varsity sweaters

Big game coming up-we want to be loose
Skin on skin, touching curves, the same as all
We do on field, don't you be obtuse
C'mon now girl, let's win, be logical

You know I cannot play my best
Unless I strip that jersey off your chest
(I was drunk when I wrote this sorry)
I have tried to make my room look like a class somewhere in Varsity,
Or even travelled with time to the future,
I have found my mind misplaced in a timeline.
But now that we have finally met, look at me.
I have seen your face through every student's eyes.
How you would sit next to me, in our own planet.
How I wish I could have said more than 'Hello'
I just discovered another home you built in the wrong side of the sky,
You constantly ignore how I look at you and see our future built in your palms,
I have watched FUTURE moving back and forward in my eyes.

— The End —