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Priti kumari Jul 21
Composing a poem that
derived from your heart core,
How shall i make it to rhyme?
when no words can define more.

You have the heart of heaven
And the soul more beautiful,
like roses that keeps me captivating
Your love makes me more peaceful.

You uprooted me from the roots
that once used to be dry and dead,
The feeling of being loved is very bewitching
Making it complex to write how it all led.

First glance when
your eye's met with mine,
Had penetrated a deep memory
in my soul which always shine.

Though we are apart today
But the love is alive in every word,
reminding about our story which
Resembles like a fairly tale world.
This poem i wrote because love is such a beautiful thing can happen in once life its just like magic or fairy tale story.
Priti kumari Jun 12
Speechless the words will become
to describe the efforts you took,
the feeling of complacency
had made our mind shook.

All the subject became easy
when it got the company of you,
the way  you explained
all the doubts and queries got blew.

The way you have turned the
pages of great books,
to train and guide us to achieve the heights
Hoping we may also shine like stars and moon.
Have wrote a small piece to express gratitude towards my favourite teacher
Priti kumari Nov 2020
Memory which i have
Is unforgettable,
A whole day in your whirling
Memory is unexplainable.

Not having you here is
Tearing me deep inside,
Impossible to stop wondering
No  matter how hard I try.

Oh! my crazy heart
A lot of memory is left to describe,
My grief and my pain
That no words can describe.
Sometime it's so hard to express your feeling. And you are left alone fighting with yourself. And I feel the better way  to express is  in poem instead of confiding to anyone.
Priti kumari Nov 2020
In my mind you just arrive
like a surge of a wind,
why am I so crazy for you?
Is the question I ask to my mind.

At times, I lose all control,
on myself without no reason.
And that's the moment when,
I miss you most with no real reason.

I sometimes wonder,
whether to grab a moment,
And spend my time precious,
under the sparkling moonlight.

The way the stars shine
in the dark of the night.
I promise to shine for you,
In our relationship forever bright.

— The End —