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Timon chukwuonu Jul 2020
When I’m gone like the shadow from the night walkers moving around with their legs on a stake boards. Don’t  say a word about my past life when  you and I were together or How I love acting, its makes me happy and sign of tears must not be seen on your face as you remember special memories with me. Memories of us makes my soul stronger  and braver  as my desire of you and i comes into play.
when i am gone and it’s time for the funeral service .Every one should put on a green  dress code like you are turning my funeral ceremony into  green land of grown trees.
As its Ending ,Play my songs  and everyone must sing a track of their favorite artist with my favorite microphone. Don’t forget to eat and drink until the bill is worth my memories, Either should anyone of you, allow my wife to see my body when the priests place Gold coin of one dollar cent  on the right eye and Silver quarter dollar coin on my left eye and Quarter dollar coin on my forehead, wait did she see me when I was born from birth, OH NO.

Every time, I spend inside the wave is a minute spend in heaven.
Let my  grave to 25.3 thousand  feet deep and 18 million square meters , so my body could  moves “To and fro”  without interfering  with  the boundaries of the Upper world or Earth world.
At the Beginning of the Ceremony ,If  sun raise and shining at the event then be ready for the raindrops as a sign of honour from heaven  and if ,its rains on my body alone then be ready for the sun shine as a sign of fate from heaven.

I am happy about the way I laid down as my back did not touch the evil floor, then put my body inside a glass box of unbroken meter at each edges to avoid cracking with the iceberg on the sea, I came into the world   with  no clothes on me, so I deserve no clothes on  me but remember to put a Pencil, Eraser in my right hand and Shaper ,Book in my left hand then Bible on my chest as sign of loyalty to God, As they pull the glass box  with a ropes holding it through the four edge within the meter hooks  , quietly insert me into  the sea until its 76.7ft deep then eject the ropes  as the  reason for my selfless act and watery mind while i was on earth.
Don’t let my funeral be short because I need more  Entertainment from Eminem ,Hillsong worship and Jesus Culture presenting their  songs as sign of  celebrating a beautiful and self-made man on earth.

Each month, My kids and Wives will pay visit with rose Flowers with chocolate cake  to the sea as they speaks life  and sweet moments of their lives without me  into the sea as to keep  awareness of my spirit alive with the sea world ,if not,  I will lose my place in the sea ,might  walk out of the glass -box into the earth world  and start roaring around like one of  the  fallen angels in the sky awaiting his judgement from God.
The  manner of death was desired by me and I will happier that my lovers are happy about the possibility of lifespan  in the Sea recreating life for the next generation to feed.
      Each moment pass by, as years decay away remember I will be here in the sea keeping your memories refreshing
each time you take your shower  with my smooth liquid flowing through your skin, I will be with you in the cold and hot times as I am watching over your naked Good and Evil minds, Don’t be scared of awareness because we were once naked together during my existence with you in the beginning walking as fading shadows from the night walkers moving around with their legs on a stake boards.

In pace of mace ,we end up in a race involving the wave.

My funeral service will.
Love conquers all
Either Dead or alive
Timon chukwuonu Jul 2020
The reason for wet cry is all based on our way of feeling's and attitudes towards emotions

       Do you think everyone should be alive and kicking as always (Maybe).
The sweetest part of life is the fact humans as to go on a journey of no return.

We are used to traveling and return back in living world.
what happened,  when you go and don't come back  into the land of the living or lost your way in the road path to your being.

The dead ones are not interested in your life but what, if they are care about who comes to their world and leaves
I think , they will be surprised on the fact spirit comes into their world and return back while they are shocked in the realm of no return..

I  will share my experience about the dead world" I was around my friends,family and colleagues in this world as my phone was forgotten due to  I left it in a shop for charging at my area ; so I ran back try to get it before someone else steal it from the place.

I noticed, my foot work was so fast and furiously moving  faster than bikes and cars wheel's  as closer to were i kept my phone ...
A moving car try to  hit me but i miss it and discover my body  began  elevating  into the sky.

I could perform different types of moves without my legs on any surface, i looked down and saw people i knew on earth calling my name

I knew it's not longer a valid story could be my Death-world  taking me for final judgment
I refuse to go into the heavens cloud but returned back to spend time with the living world whom i can see or  feel but not touch them "

You think!!! "Next life is bad but it's peace,joyous and wonderful, due to no Hate's ,no enemies ,no fight's, no war's"

There is  similar existed  factor  in DEAD world and LIFE world is boundaries between countries and territories
The reason for  pain is temporary but the love is eternal .
Death is not the intended recipient of peace,you can equal have same peace and problems free world.
Timon chukwuonu Jul 2020
You are smart and funny to others,
Walk through a nice lovely family
And now you are sad about where it's going to end.
You rechased old fool

You made some good and bad decisions that
Walk him out of the challenges of life without MR'.
You rechased of Old fool.

Ran your race quite well,
That makes others see your death request Note,
You make huge difference with fame
And you are still considering the future at your age
You rechased old fool

You walk on after some fame
Playing some games with your Aim;
Gain honor with money and power.
Now , you are back on my feets
You rechased old fool
Life of a father is extremely important And protective no matter how son or daughter choose to ignore them
Timon chukwuonu Mar 2020
My honor was Dishonored by horns
As I Approached the end part with
so much greed inside my mind
As I picked this words to construct
a sentence bullied in pains
I quote in my sentence :
Im trying to live his legacy
but Im dying digging my grave with Satan,
Like a dumb child on his first day at school
My honor look for a relationship to rewind,
As I upwind life inside a boom box,
Im confusion but still a toolbox
Weird as my brick mansion built with grey hair from Satan skin
As I was trap taps  inside his kindness
It's an illusion
Im in a lawsuit duck
They plug in the electric chains chair
And I cry inside a shower cap
until my vocal chord
Could auspices my name .

Did , I discharged my honor:
Destroyed my ugly heart
Simply  an amazing  honor
As no differences between you and me
My honor.
Dis believe
Timon chukwuonu Mar 2020
My honor got loose like a cutting net
But Projected  a basket in my mind ,
could not hold thoughts.
I once held  a condolence visits  to
Everyone  who has stolen  freedom,
like old Lucifer speaking to my heart.
Old page of my past
Timon chukwuonu Mar 2020
How I started as  a ***** boy
To become a street ******* bohemian
Because my pain is effected like a widower cries out in hope.
I struggle within my tracks to be king  of  hope,
Money and fame keeps me off the mind of a widower

How I started as a ***** boy
Working  not against the cries to be known as
Optical mind is  not stupid to be understood
how everyone treat me like a nobody
seeks  help from an unknown shadow.
they classified  me as one of their  beggars.
When money wasnt  my target .

How I started as a ***** boy
They sees  me as a man inside  a female profile
Fills with grey hairs  inside my pocket
And only my hand could pick them out,
As I walk helping  life
I just felt like  Am dead

Im dead and no ones could feel me ,
The last rain  drop could not really define my life on a lion bearing
That ,the definition of my square multiplication , I hate it
And new ,I could be proud  that I fellow these people ,
As I wake up ,
I deserved
How my life has been without a way out

I deserve to be dead,
Dead as I am still dead
Grey hair faded away without my knowledge of my struggle
I’ m dead.
Passion,hope , insure vision
Timon chukwuonu Feb 2018
Pencil ✏ and pen ✒

My Faded lines
My added lines
Ways to decide '
My flows with a ink
As my hand could only
move forward in length but
Could not go back backward height
Direction to illustrate
my path with a stick

     Pencil and Pen

Actually actions is so little as
my first name written with
ink and stick of my followers
Saying, am a Pencil and
our lives Is a symbol of pen
I can only destroy my pathway
but cannot change my way's of life

       Pencil and Pen

You hast put my love ones
into  epic sleep by the Difficult passenage
Like a blade line's through my skin,
even when I choose to Fill my pathway with ink's
I still ran out of source'
Looking for a source to refresh my ways
I think,  
Am gone
And another pen could be' my kid ' as he
Count my lines through freedom and unbearable pain

                    Am a  Pencil ✏
   Am a  Pen ✒
Sides of life
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