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My honor was Dishonored by horns
As I Approached the end part with
so much greed inside my mind
As I picked this words to construct
a sentence bullied in pains
I quote in my sentence :
Im trying to live his legacy
but Im dying digging my grave with Satan,
Like a dumb child on his first day at school
My honor look for a relationship to rewind,
As I upwind life inside a boom box,
Im confusion but still a toolbox
Weird as my brick mansion built with grey hair from Satan skin
As I was trap taps  inside his kindness
It's an illusion
Im in a lawsuit duck
They plug in the electric chains chair
And I cry inside a shower cap
until my vocal chord
Could auspices my name .

Did , I discharged my honor:
Destroyed my ugly heart
Simply  an amazing  honor
As no differences between you and me
My honor.
Dis believe
My honor got loose like a cutting net
But Projected  a basket in my mind ,
could not hold thoughts.
I once held  a condolence visits  to
Everyone  who has stolen  freedom,
like old Lucifer speaking to my heart.
Old page of my past
How I started as  a ***** boy
To become a street ******* bohemian
Because my pain is effected like a widower cries out in hope.
I struggle within my tracks to be king  of  hope,
Money and fame keeps me off the mind of a widower

How I started as a ***** boy
Working  not against the cries to be known as
Optical mind is  not stupid to be understood
how everyone treat me like a nobody
seeks  help from an unknown shadow.
they classified  me as one of their  beggars.
When money wasnt  my target .

How I started as a ***** boy
They sees  me as a man inside  a female profile
Fills with grey hairs  inside my pocket
And only my hand could pick them out,
As I walk helping  life
I just felt like  Am dead

Im dead and no ones could feel me ,
The last rain  drop could not really define my life on a lion bearing
That ,the definition of my square multiplication , I hate it
And new ,I could be proud  that I fellow these people ,
As I wake up ,
I deserved
How my life has been without a way out

I deserve to be dead,
Dead as I am still dead
Grey hair faded away without my knowledge of my struggle
I’ m dead.
Passion,hope , insure vision
Timon chukwuonu Feb 2018
Pencil ✏ and pen ✒

My Faded lines
My added lines
Ways to decide '
My flows with a ink
As my hand could only
move forward in length but
Could not go back backward height
Direction to illustrate
my path with a stick

     Pencil and Pen

Actually actions is so little as
my first name written with
ink and stick of my followers
Saying, am a Pencil and
our lives Is a symbol of pen
I can only destroy my pathway
but cannot change my way's of life

       Pencil and Pen

You hast put my love ones
into  epic sleep by the Difficult passenage
Like a blade line's through my skin,
even when I choose to Fill my pathway with ink's
I still ran out of source'
Looking for a source to refresh my ways
I think,  
Am gone
And another pen could be' my kid ' as he
Count my lines through freedom and unbearable pain

                    Am a  Pencil ✏
   Am a  Pen ✒
Sides of life
Timon chukwuonu Jan 2018
Am when my heart beats
I feel your hands on my chest
I realized ,
I could only be you and me just as the wind kiss the sea
I wander around my room looking for a beautiful creation to heal my pain's
Still found not
But I could still hear my name above my head.. Calling me towards your hands
Then I knew my life is. Moving train on  a Hugh speed on steel line
I undoubtedly.
No matter ,how I tried but it could not stop as its gos to the hill top
Where my soul walk'th With the heart beat of your name
Love at first sight.
  Jan 2018 Timon chukwuonu
I will look at the clock again,
and again, tomorrow. And again
I will notice how late I come,
how old is my love, how old.
And I will look at the clock again
and will leave and you'll stay.
And the sea will also stay and I
will look at the clock again
and you'll stay with the day,
and tomorrow will be today,
and you'll stay, and I'll be gone.
But if I'd come earlier I wouldn't
have find you either,
have loved you either,
have need you either.
I wouldn't have what?
I wouldn't need a sword
to cut time in half.

I'll look at the clock again,
and again, tomorrow. And again
he will smile, mockingly.
All the same, I will look.
Timon chukwuonu Jan 2018
I have pow ,should  I say it's power
The law of attraction
Do not put my mind off the role of spirituality
when my heart is cloudy in pains of the afternoon
I couldn't be happier than a bird
Due to the missing piece of color and sound
Above the sky
Everybird has its place
You can not be a mockingbird and grow to be an eagle
You can only be born an eagle But the nature of humanity Is very important and not rigid.
You can be born a handicap or a disable person
But you can still be a very important person to your generation .
I  am even and you are odd
But you can plus and multiple us to get a figure  
So do not be shy of whom you are
Because you are a bird or generally an animal.
Even if you are an animal.
What kind ,will you be.
Cat, dog , tiger or lion
It's funny,when someone preteach us to be a bird due to The circumstances of life
I will be optimistic about you and your personality Because it's definitely worth it..
Humanity, hopefully , nature.mindset
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