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Karijinbba May 2019
I couldn't root me into his geniology in this lifetime,
after he'd offered it;
so my twinsoul, found
a madly in love couple
among his elite
Irish geneology
in his world to implant
the star seed Aries of me
in their heart and womb
and I was reborn
around April sixteen AM
RH-O negative again
with beauty galore
fair of skin!
starry looking eyes
with my heart of gold too
born of a couple's love
as before Mom & Dad's
the happy couple
nick named me Karijini
Angelina SanGutier by name
cherished and adored
a star seed reborn
rooted protected not forlorned
among the very best
geneology and all
All rights reserved
Honoring the Cunn-ham geneology in PA and Texas USA
may all good things come to them
may they find eternity and beyound
for they possess holiness are wise sucsessful generous
with unquestionable integrity
a geneology who values their word honoring another persons well being
befor their own interest
long live the Killough Cunn-ham geneology
most holy of Earth after Christ.
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
Twin Flames;
The Runner,
and The Chaser.

I will come to you,
as much as our souls will
find the way to one another.

After long gone apart,
to mature before the
Alchemical Union.

I will find you;
in Divine Timing---
with His Divine Intervention,

we will reunite.
She is The Runner and I am The Chaser.
9ine Jan 2017
Have you ever just wonder how would love be?
No, I'm not referring to the kind of feeling you get when two lovers connect, but to truly find your soul mate,
spending the rest of your entire life with them.

It applies to everyday life because you grow with them,
you aged together,
you share the same connection where a family is created.
A bond inseparable.
This scares me because I'm a fool for love.

I'm not brave to witness it.
I'm not brave enough to create it.

Can I be a wife?
A mother?

No one actually sits quietly and wonder.
Are they seeing themselves moving through the periods of time?

Is  that happiness?
Living in your own flesh, building your own structures, evolving through the tides of life.

This world is lonely,
you are your own happiness
content in  your personal world.

You are your thoughts.
You are your actions.
Never settled or limited.
Its always everlasting.
Everlasting love for yourself.
That's love.

So you're not brave either.

To be truly in the service of him or her is to see her empty.

Feed her.

Love her.

Touch her.

Support her where your spills heal her.

Become her mirror.

Become her listener.

Her pillow.
Her messenger.
Her guide.
Be her heart.
Be her skin.

See her beauty through her soul.

She was created for you.
Just for you.

It's amazing that God created another to balance you.
God, it's amazing because she's not brave like you.
So you both sit still.
Silent and living till the time is right.

Perfect for just the two of you.
I've read that when you meet your true soulmate
There will be no butterflies.
No nerves,
No deep, burning blush.
But a simple

Some say that click is the soul recognizing its mate.
I finally had my "click" moment.

There were no nauseating nerves.
No butterflies bashing around bewildered in my gut.

The longer we talked,
The deeper the conversation,
The more relaxed I became.

Then there was another click.
The collected realization of events and heartache
That led me to this person.

How if one thing had changed-- Butterfly effect--
I would never have met my twin soul.

So I choose from here forward
To accept all that life brings onto my path.
It's leading me directly were I'm supposed to be.
I feel utterly insane!!! I am in love with someone I scarcely know. It hasn't even been two months, but every day just gets better. They show me the bad parts of them and accept mine in return. It's strange that I feel so comfortable with them and haven't once felt underappreciated or not cared for. Here's hoping this is where my path in love has been taking me all these years.

— The End —