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J Mar 11
If you want to see something beautiful, drive through Sonoma County.

Find your favorite song.
Press play.
Turn it up.

Drive up into the riches of the rolling hills. Take note of the light that casts its shadow onto the mountain as the world begins to darken.

Observe as each ray transitions from hints of lemon to a red dawn, staining your cheeks with the color of peaches.

Study every vine you see, rooted into the soil, having withstood the many blood moons of that fateful October.

Search deeply into the horizon where our sky hugs the mustard seed fields. The sun has found its way home within the crevices of the countryside, as have the birds, nestled in the necks of the blue oak trees.

Maybe a piece of you will find home too, planted into the ground that will one day give shade to another, twisting into branches that tangle together and apart, again and again.
A tribute to an area that has given me fond memories.
J Feb 19
Driving home .
The sun sets into heaps of cotton candy over the hills and sprinkles the sky with frosted sugar, illuminating your face and hands on the wheel.

First date.
Two teenagers sitting in the car, stealing glances and hiding their innocent smiles under tightly pursed lips with the hanging question of who will kiss who first, only to result in the soft intertwining of fingers.

One looks down and focuses on their frayed jeans, smiling ear to ear. The other looks over, feeling warmth spread from their chest to their cheeks.

February 14th.
Neon lights dim for the girl with strawberry lip gloss and shaky hands. She gazes at the crowd over the sea of couples and fixates her eyes on a single rose. A petal softly floats down onto a table. The piano begins, her voice following.
If life were pink.
J Feb 11
Do you ever sit and listen to yourself breathe?

We take an average of 16 breaths per minute. That's 23,040 breaths a day, or 46,080 inhales and exhales if you must.

But I don't think about this.

I don't think about my internal ***** systems that connect with the outer forces to push out air from my lungs 23,040 times a day.

But maybe I should, or we should.

Maybe we should take a minute everyday and hear ourselves breathe, reminding ourselves our bodies and earth have somehow created a perfectly balanced atmosphere for our inhales and exhales.

I don't know if that's miraculous or if the universe is just that good, but it's something worth pausing for, and breathing for.
Thanks Will Smith for the inspo
J Feb 4
We hung out one month ago and your face is still engrained into my mind as if I just saw you yesterday.


Music connects us, you and me.
Each harmony, each bridge rolls off our tongues


Every time I start to write a poem about you, my mind drifts to


I just really like you ok!!!
I've tried writing about him for awhile now.
J Jan 16
I keep smiling down at my brussel sprouts and I think people are noticing.
Found this within a bunch of scattered thoughts about a boy I used to love and I  am reminded that this feeling is real.
J Jan 16
Paint, dribbling into water - each drop, like ink, bleeding into a haze as a home for the thick bristles of a brush.

A canvas, tones of rosy pinks and deep reds - blending like strawberries and cream. Love.

Fingers, chipped paint under its nails - palms splotched.
I started writing and this came out. I don't even paint.
J Jan 9
What is it like to be still?

Floating in the ocean, completely surrendered to the hues of blue that is the ocean and sky - blending into the horizon.

My head tilts back into the depths of the sea, and my ears are muffled into the water.


My eyes look up into the vast, cloudless sky.

I don't hear anything and I don't see anything.

I feel everything.
I was on vacation floating in the ocean that left me with a feeling I just can't shake.
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