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Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
At every turn
You all blow my mind,
Why is this so?
Are the cloudy shapes a sign?
Where do you all get off
Taking my best wit, my best
Arguments, and flush them
Down the tube like it had
Absolutely nothing it meant?

Besides pushing me off
A balcony when I'm sad,
I may as well have the joy
In knowing that I'm here,
But just a fool who's only mad.

My final moments could be
A painful one, I've lost my
Friends, there is no lover in
My life, this wasted time I
Spend, I'll rather my work
Is never done then find myself
At these horrific bitter ends.
1 view a minute. Good to see that "someone cares..."
Cecil Miller Mar 2015
To Live -
What more can there be to ask?
I am alive,
And continue to thrive.
Into every life comes tregedy.
Everyone needs to overcome.
Finding forgiveness fulfills the need.
Acceptance is the solution.
When I surrender
Is when I win.
And then there is this:
I Love You.
Just a reminder: We do not have to let our heartaches define us. We can get the **** over them. Real Talk there.
Brittle Bird Feb 2015
I dug your path before you woke,
tumbling with dust off your spine,
and you rose blank from the underground,
forgetting with the sun
reasons for burying in the first place,
the existential burning
which reasons awake.

I held you up before the storm
and there your lesson went unlearned,
shaking with hailstones and bitter words...
what didn't **** you,
provided by remains,
would be not basis for any gain.

I lit your torch before you fell,
hands cupped against the rain,
but you didn't go like burning books...
more so the man who tripped with stones
and licked with flames
his ignorance away.

— The End —