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Izzy Nov 23
I am a succubus: my caress turns you to putty in my hands.
My allure is effortless: your limbs are mine to do with as I desire.

You cannot resist my allure just like a fish to the bait
Dont come near me
I am toxic to consume
Dangerous to let go.
Difficult to measure
How venomous I can be.
I live Entangle within me.
My life dipped in poison
Running all over my vein.
Would make you only numb
Lily Rosé Nov 22
Les sentiments de mon coeur,
Ils ont adoré brouiller.
Les sentiments de mon coeur,
ne sont pas très bien, sont—ils ?
Quand je les obtiens, j'ai envie de mourir.
Ils sont mes démons,
ils sont mes peurs.
Ils me tuent, et pourtant,
Ils sont ce seule chose beaux dans ma vie,
Que je chérirai pour toujours.
The feelings of my heart,
they love to confuse.
The feelings of my heart,
aren't very nice, are they?
When I get them, I wish to end it all.
They are my demons,
they are my fears.
They **** me, and yet,
They are the only beautiful thing in my life,
that I will cherish forever.
Alice Nov 22
How can you tell if someone is going to
stay by your side? What are the warning signs
that show you it'll only end in pain?
Where is the road map to a healthy relationship?
I'm so tired of betting on the good in people.
I'm so tired of being understanding.
I'm so ******* tired of going to bed every
single night, wondering if I'm still loved.
3:47 AM and I still can't fall asleep
Marcella Faye Nov 22
I couldn't replicate to some people
Like how they did to me
For my heart is not like theirs.

My loyalty sits differently
And lets them rage in the fire
With their jealousy.
It's not in my nature to take vengeance for pleasure,
While others desires it.
Alice Nov 21
i knew you were toxic
i knew you weren't good
but you understood me
that scares me
what if that means
i'm like you
Nikki Danilov Nov 20
"I placed hands. This person obviously gaslit me."
"How can you tell for sure?"
"Because I immediately tore from their contact and all my fingers were burned."

these people radiate heat everywhere, they plague you of confusion and in return of your mistake they will ***** accusations, "that was hardly anything, what am I to be of fault about?? HAHA."
I lay awake most nights
Wondering what happened to you.

How on earth did someone
So good
So kind
So funny
So sweet

Turn into such a pathetic,
Malleable *******?

I lay awake most nights
Wondering what happened to me.

How on earth I allowed someone to
Steal from me
Lie to me
Manipulate me
Guilt trip me

And make me question
If I’m somehow the villain.

I don’t have the will to sleep tonight.
I don’t know how to shake these ghosts.
Ex lovers
Ex friends
Ex versions of you
Ex versions of me

Ex people we promised
We would become for each other.
Ashlyn Rimsky Nov 12
she says she's had enough.

pulls away
before the door closed
leaves a daughter
with the dust
like words
she could
see, touch, inhale
as if time
forgot to tick

"what if we just ended it?"

like the heart
she formed
that never beat quite right
i'm sure she wonders

what if we just ended it?

to that i say
thanks Dad.
i love you
to the moon
and back
and i know
from day one
that you had
our love on

but you're not here.

and somehow..

my heat still beats
to off-key tunes
of made-up families
and a man
who promised..

but you're not here either.

and somehow..

my lungs
still breathe
when i'm drowning
in streams
of words spoken
and not
and hurtful
all at once

you see..
when God
took your rib
and made mine
he called then
for every time i tried.
to cut you out
for every realization
that the Adam
and atoms
that make you and me
are the same
you're a literal part of me
i can't live without
and to you
i was just
good company

this is a poem
for everyone
whose been told
they're not enough

are a first generation
you want to be
or can dream
or can imagine
on a beach
or a mountain
it doesn't matter
you have two feet
and one life
and the ability
to pick yourself up

pack a bag
for every person
every second spent
with something or someone
who didn't quite suit-case you

run a mile
for every step
backwards you took
let the breeze
set your lungs on fire
to help you forget..

he pulled away
before she opened the door
left a lover
in a hallway
with the dust
like her eyes
across a line
across a line
across a line
that she would just keep reading

"We're over."
Oh Nov 11
Love is messy, not what they make it out to be
I carry the pain from this love, it doesn’t disappear like they say
This love is reckless, maybe even toxic
It’s a high I’ve learned to depend on
It puts damage to my thoughts, drains me of every last drop
Something I can’t abandon when I see the happy days
Love is messy, will it ever be as happy as it seems
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