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the last time we talked I felt the pity in your words
you look at me like you might've broke me, like you're sorry I'm so fragile
but you don't get to think of me as weak
you don't get to look at what we had and think you tore me apart
not when you were the one afraid of it
anon 1d
It is in the woods
In the world
That i may find peace
Whether resting on the banks of despair
Or wandering through a thicket of feeling
I come to find
Deep seclusion
That grants me thought
And while i may take pause
It is then
And then alone
That i am
Truly at peace
All this world has beauty
And it is i who finds
Great these scenes

I can feel it all within me
My blood courses through my veins
Akin the coursing river i pass by
It is not easy to acknowledge
But i often grant no thought
To the world around
Blind i am
And blind i remain
But in this world i am given
Tranquil restoration

Until i am dead and gone
No more flesh
No more bone
I will contemplate this world
These mountains
And rivers
And cliffs
For the great care that has been given it
Will be continued through me
And when i am but a soul
A spirit
My harmony with the world
And serenity will
Carry on

But oh
I deny it me
It cannot steal me
From my pleasure
I bask in creation
And all around me
The earth shakes with shivers
I know all too well
Until my thoughts are thoughts no more
I will hope the future
Will ask for me

I thirst
I thirst for what i do not know
What i cannot see
And what my eyes have recognized but my heart has not
The nature i lose myself in has caused me
To lose myself
I know not what i be
Or what i’ll be
But the times past are no more
And i weep for them

As a man i am curious
What lies beyond
The cries of fallen brethren
The sad harmonies that the animals we’ve displaced
Escape their bodies
They mourn
And so do i
I am
To tell their stories
To sing their songs
In a major key

I am a ***** to it
The world i’ve ignored
I need not the society
I abandoned up the road
Nature has stolen my heart
My thoughts
My life
My me

I catch a glimpse
Of who i was
The things i once found true
And i shudder
For mother nature was not
And is not greedy
She cares for her children
In ways i could never understand
It brings her joy to raise life up
And we deny her that
Day after day
Yet still
She smiles

We walked this together
You and i
Recalling that once our mother would be there
But now
It is only me
I am alone
And i wander
With sorrowful thoughts
And despairing diction
With a mother who is not mine
Mother nature
Who welcomes me
And embraces me
Yet still
I am alone
The moon highlights my path
And where there were once two sets
Of footsteps
It is now only one
The ghost of you --
Dear sister --
Trailing further and further
Lin 1d
You turned around and asked me
Why I couldn't sleep

But how am I supposed to tell you
The million thoughts that goes through my head
every time I try to sleep
Penne 1d
Do you like to play gods?
No one can.
If you see a beggar, will you feed it?
Will you sympathize or empathize?
Have you done a sin
A sin that benefitted the whole humanity?
Would you let yourself nailed to the cross and bleed blood and humans shout nothing but hatred to you?
Even if you done it all
Why is it not enough
No matter how much you kneel
Why do you still sin
No matter how much good you committed
Why do you still sin
Can you create a perfect world?
Only in your dreams
But is it fine not to play?
Is it fine to do bad since you cannot level gods after all?
If I do not, I will not get what I want
Not get to be high as the kings
If I do, I will but what will happen next?
What does it feel like?
What makes a god a God?
Will you control the pain or the gain?
This is a border humans must not broad to
In the end, you are a creation
That needs affection
Do not bother its limitations
The thing about human rights is
that they are essential,
they are intangible.
They cannot be bought,
they must be fought for.
Most importantly,
they cannot be weighed,
they cannot be passed back and forth,
and they cannot be ranked.
No one, technically,
owns a monopoly on human rights.
You cannot take one of mine away
because you decided to expand
evolve and magnify,
your own.

So while I would never wish to
hurt anyone’s feelings,
a person should not be censored
from having opinions and thoughts.
I probably won’t share them with you anyway.
Cause while you have the right to be offended by something,
someone else has just as much of a right to offend you.

We can hold friendly debates
and discussions,
but personally I’d rather not ruin
interactions with clashing ideals.
It won’t accomplish anything.
Everyone should be able to do what they wish- as long as it doesn’t hurt someone.
Physically and mentally, that is,
because a human right cannot be
made void because of feelings.
You see, everyone has feelings,
ideals, morals, standards, expectations...
and everyone is different.
My life will not be completely altered and restricted,
for you to have more privilege than anyone else.
What and how you say something
is just usually based on levels of
intelligence, learned behaviour,
manners and common sense.
Some people, unfortunately,
just can’t be helped in that aspect
and will give you their opinion
blatantly oblivious to your perspective, no matter what.
But both parties are guilty of that.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing
hint: don’t watch, don’t read.
If you don’t like what you’re hearing
hint: don’t listen, or ignore it.
Spend less time getting offended
and placing your personal feelings
on a pedestal,
and more time living your life.
Believe me, we’ll all be happier that way.
Just a rant for no reason.
Micah 1d
The end is like a fallen tree
splintered and broken
but the foundation for new beginnings

That is what happened
to us

Well worn and out of breath
we unraveled
until we sunk
deep into complaisant  

And while we sprouted tears
that seeped into the floorboards,
watering nothing but dying plans,
we find ourselves
starting new

We are still together in this.
Amaris 2d
to live without hate in your heart
with nothing inside to tear you apart
to speak thoughts aloud, not bound by fear
not wishing all the time you'd just disappear
If you leave a person in the dark long enough, they lose themselves.
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
joren's 2d
so my common sense
expands past
common expansions
this trance is
a prison my sentence
i'm risking
Gaining time here i
wont die here
i try to hear the guards
i lie here
constructing and tinkering
but i fear
my concious and thinking
are not clear
This is a mess. I can't really explain it, theres just a line you cross between normal thoughts and ones that involve actual thinking.
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