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I used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine as a child,
now it's called Thomas the Train.

I have pictures with Thomas the Tank Engine,
not Thomas the Train.

I love Thomas the Tank Engine,
not Thomas the Train.

Why did they change it to Thomas the Train?

He's a tank engine...

He's Thomas the Tank Engine.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Megan H Feb 2018
I walk through these days
In a blur
I question reality.
Feeling timeless
Although I am a creature of time.

And sometimes-
I wish I were an animal
Because they truly live without worry.
And then they die
But death doesn't stop them from living.

And I want that.
I want to live without the thought of death.
I don't want to die in a hospital bed like those before me.
I want to rage against the dying of the light
As Thomas once said.

And I want to love
And love deeply
And together there will be no time,
Just us.
Just until we are no more.
Time is a social construction
John F McCullagh Jan 2018
When days of future pass
and cannot come again-
Half a century seems a moment.
A loved musician meets his end.

The haunting notes you played on the flute;
those somber moody blues-
will echo through eternity
though you, yourself be through.

A treasured disk of Vinyl;
A loved, remembered song.
I played it first when just a teen
living in my parents’ home.

A Sculptor’s work melts in the rain
It’s lines made indistinct
An author, once thought popular,
may  soon be out of ink.

A film made in the golden age
is faded acetate.
The beauty of white satin nights
I hope escapes their fate.
( Ray Thomas, a founding member of the Moody Blues, has died. Their album " Days of Future Passed" was one of my first acquisitions.) 1967
Courtney O Mar 2017
Little girl, little girl
It aches merely to think of this song
About the man that sewed all your heart holes
It distorts you inside

You’re 23 but you’re such a newbie
To fall for him like this
You’re 23 but still full of naivety

Little girl, little girl
That from the beginning he means everything to you
and you mean something to him
but something’s not everything

Little girl, little girl
That he didn’t care to hurt you at all
But you are aching
Hanging on a whatsapp message
Or anything from him

Little girl, little girl
That fell so hard so high from
He became an obsession
He got in your brain wires
To death…

Little girl, little girl
He’s not what you expected
What high hopes for someone so low
It was fun in his bed
Till you lost your mind
Little girl, little girl
Fighting against yourself…

Little girl
You are a bit more older today
I wrote this poem after discovering one guy I met and I was absolutely crazy about really didn't care about me. Although I think the poem explains itself much better tHan I ever could without the help of lines and (lack of) rhymes.
Courtney O Mar 2017
What you did to me
Is something that musn't be done
But at least I had fun...

You broke my heart
But it didn't hurt much

Playing with my heart
My deepest fears, my deepest desires
Such a lifeline you were
Now torn apart...

Now my fingers work again
Although not against your body anymore
But it feels good to be back
not at home
just myself
Paul Gilhooley May 2016
Thomas, Edward, Percy, James,
There is a point, not random names,
Scarlet, Kevin, Stuart, Bob,
I've not gone insane, become a ****.

Manny, Diego, Granny, Sid,
I've not gone hypo like some kid,
Twelve random names that mean great fun,
When watching telly with my son!

© Cinco Espiritus Creation
I went gentle into that good night;
A decision with which I am rather pleased,
For what would it profit me to rage?

When the absolute of the darkness slides in,
And grants me these last few moments
I see no incentive for them to waste.

Dissatisfied men may cry out in indignance,
And let anger and rebellion consume their last breaths,
And frivolously spend their last minutes in livid disdain.

Wild men who chase and pursue the stars in flight
Feel their chests swell with the hatred of submission,
But I? I know that the setting of the sun does not oppress.

Disappointing men reserve all defiance when it is most required;
When others’ blood pours freely and tears spill liberally
They will shackle all insurrection to themselves.

That is, until they are faced with this finality, this ultimatum
That they cannot change, no matter how they rage. Not I. I was content.
And with the last gifts,
I went gentle into that good night.
A reflection of Dylan Thomas' famed poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."
Marion Clarke Jan 2016
The world is falling to pieces
Colored glass falling from a prism
The reflection faded

The world is falling to pieces
Old friends stand alone
Failure, their deflated stare
A thousand screams
Or a thousand songs
One last note to echo...

The world is falling to pieces
Families break as friendship begs
A familiar face twists

The world is falling to pieces
Demented ramblings of obsession
Love is only in ideals

The world is falling to pieces
Every step away from one
Must bring you closer to something

The world is falling to pieces
I know to catch the shards
But they slip…

The world is falling to pieces
And I watch
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