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Simon Carter Nov 2020
Dylan Thomas went wearily, windily to the sea,
Where dogs ran and tongues wagged saltily,
Sea battered boats sang shanties to the bearded shore,
As the sea legged gulls barked and cried hungrily
The shadowy sun surrendered to a once bitten moon,
And the sand stood still by the windy wet dune
A tribute in the style of Dylan Thomas
Simon Carter Nov 2020
A nurse’s lamp lights a Nightingale throng,
As an age’d ***** sings the evening song,
From life’s stamp at birth belong,
With ending near, constrained by wrong,
Holds love dear while time waits long.

Fears night’s dark, but fears not the sea,
Stray dogs bark at the Mockingbird’s plea,
As angels hark, tears flow free,
And as the gathered flock nod and weep
Such keys unlock his endless sleep

The sweet silver lark of his golden reign,
‘Twas but a soulless ark with a mimic’s stain,
A moment’s search and a second to pray,
Evolution’s church had forgot the way,
“Solutions” besmirch not explain away.

Night to day and day so bright,
There he lay in heaven’s sight,
With years dismay he fought his plight,
As emotions flicker the soldier’s rite,
To light a candle in Crimea’s night

And to the next and so it goes,
In the nurse’s debt, they won’t impose,
Yet more still, yet more come
For those who ****, it is the sum
And with God’s will, see the morning sun…
A man from a soldiering family is an atheist all his life but turns to God on his death bed.
Simon Carter Nov 2020
Words come as but crumbs from the table
While in arms they rock and cradle,
To the early hours of morning time,
A heartbeat missed in a moment’s rhyme,
As lovers kissed where love’s no crime.

As resistance dies who must lead,
In sinew’d guise and burning need,
The passions rise that bring the seed,
The lovers’ lot in disarray,
As yielding hot to touch and sway.

Night to day to see the light,
In heaven’s way is the lovers’ plight,
Temptations soar washed and cloaked,
Emotions raw now evoked,
Through love’s door a life is woke’d.

A mystery deep a mystery still,
The road is steep but strong of will,
No turning back to others way,
No courage lack to bark dismay,
No mourning’s black to mark the day.

Goodbye old love, you’re always near,
Salvation’s dove an escape from fear,
In hope to mend a furrowed brow,
In action, deed and words endow,
That love is all and all is now….
A couple embark on a passionate relationship and while reflecting on a past love they enjoy the present

— The End —