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AnActualToaster Mar 2017
I deleted every line
That said I ever loved you
Regretted every song
That I had ever wrote you
I can't possibly erase them
They're all a part of me
Reminders of a bad decision
Yeah, that sounds like me
My heart just full of stupid
My head just full of dumb
My works just full of love
And now it's all undone.
And I hate myself with each one I find again.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words, I can't express enough how happy I am that I actually made Daily poem <3
I don't want to let you go
For I miss you before the goodbyes
I drive home looking at the empty seat
I know it'll be filled tomorrow
But that's too long to wait
I go home and hold this pillow
In hopes for when I wake up its you
One day it will
You'll be there when I go to bed
You'll be there when I wake up
You'll be there when I come home
When I'm sick you'll take care of me
When I'm upset you'll make me laugh
When I'm old you'll be by my side
I'll love you till the day I die and then I'll search for you in heaven or hell
Till I find you again and love you till the end of eternity
You may not believe me till the rings on your finger
Soon that'll happen and you'll finally believe me
But for now,
I'll continue to tell you I love you a thousand times a day
I'll continue to hold this pillow and hope it's you
I'll continue to look forward to see you sitting next to me in that once empty seat
And after all this I'll continue to love you till you're forced to believe me
And it all starts now with an I love you
I love you so much
Unpuresoul Jan 2015
You're most alive
When you're so close to death
Shut your mouth
Feel the warm on your chest
Close your eyes
Blood runs down your wrist
Can you list the rest

In the darkness of night
The walls come to life
Whispering secrets in your ear
Saying nothing will be alright
As the demons close in
You'll have nothing to give,
A life lived so close to death
Subscribe to theendofforever she is amazing and is a great poet ^-^
Dearest friend,
Where have you gone?
What has happened to you? What has been done?
Once an elegant flower, you seem to be losing your petals.
And I will not rest until your troubles are settled.
Through the fire, you walked by my side.
Now it is my turn to save your hide.
Misery has taken you under its wing. But, I am taking you back.
For now misery shall have us both, for I cannot bear to see your life slack.
I love you as though you were my blood, and I mean that by heart.
And for you, I will fight until I am torn apart.
So please, dear friend, I beg you now, do not hide, inform me about your troubles.
For I will help you solve them, and if I can't, if it just hurts too bad.
Then by your side I will cry as we wait for time to pass.
TheEndOfForever you have always been there for me since I first met you. And there is no way I am going to let distance keep me from helping you through rough times.
She says she's the end
But I'm the beginning
It's true ends may come
But it's the in between that counts
For what you make of it
And who knows
The end could be
I've found a reason to live
To stay another day
I now want to give
Everyday I could lay
By her side
Holding her hand
I may have died
Listening to that band
I want to be with her
Till the end of forever
When you're in love,
You can't stop thinking about her
When you're in love,
You only want to be with her
When you're in Love,
You know she's your priority
When you're in love,
You miss her the moment after bye
I'm in love
She may not believe
But you know what you see
She may doubt
But don't pout
If you tell her enough
She will not chuff
You must just tell her
She's beautiful
We all have a "her"
The one we want
The one we're with
The one we brag about
The one we dream about
The one we love
The one we need
The one that's beautiful
The one that's great
The one I have
She's my "her"
I love her,
I want to forever call her
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