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Nis Jul 2018
"Furia color de amor,
amor color de olvido"
-de "Un río, un amor" por Luis Cernuda

olvido color de olvido,
amargo color de amor,
tintado de olvido.
Frágil aroma de remordimiento
suave sabor de lamentos,
lamentos con timbre de lágrimas rotas,
rotas y con olor a desesperanza,
desesperanza color de sinestesia,
que es un nombre más para mi muerte.


"Fury the colour of love,
love the colour of oblivion."
-from "Un río, un amor" ("One river, one love") buenos Luis Cernuda

oblivion the colour of oblivion,
bitter colour of love,
dyed of oblivion.
Fragile scent of remorse
soft traste of laments,
laments the timbre of broken tears,
broken and with the odour of despair,
despair the colour of synaesthesia,
which is another name for my death.
Probably the most famous verses by the Spanish poet. This was harder to translate but I did my best.
storm siren Sep 2016
Soft yellow light,
Pink lower case,
Soft blue arches,
Green curves,
Red snakes.

Orange like a sunset,
Grey wolves howling,
Warm orange yellow like honey,
Green curves,
Orange like a sunset,
Brown like sand.

Red snakes,
Purple curve,
Orange like a sunset,
Warm orange yellow like honey,
Green curves,
Blue corners,
Blue corners,
Pink lower case.


In short, the love of my life.
I spelled my Bluebird's full name using each color each letter of his name is.

:D I am a sap.
Julie Grenness Dec 2015
Our Synaesthesia is for free,
Music is the muse for me,
In my blood, you see,
Images imaginary,
Elvira Madigan wakes to see,
Mozart play Mozart lucidly,
Swooner songs sound so silly,
Old rockers croon so vividly,
Funny lyrics in my brain,
Sounding a little deranged,
(It is hereditary
In my family)
Yes, Synaesthesia is for free,
Smurfette's songs, so silly.
1% of the world's population have some form of Synaesthesia. Feedback welcome.
The rosy-green flight
Of hills and ramps
Blurred in twilight
By a soft lamp

Golden valleys darken
Red in the breeze
Small birds harken
In headless trees

The sadness fades
In my mind’s medium
These autumn shades  
Shatter the sky’s tedium
Translation of Bruxelles – Simples Fresques I by the French poet Paul Verlaine.
JadedSoul Oct 2014
i HATE insipidness
i LOVE colour
i THRIVE on passion
my life is filled with WONDER
i HEAR colour
i SEE music
i TASTE shapes
the monochrome of insipid
makes me want to puke
I do have synaesthesia, which is why I so loathe insipid things
JadedSoul Aug 2014
Names are so queer
Nobody seems to understand
Your name has meaning
And power,
It's true
But it has also colour
Of every shade and hue

Now, Nico is red,
Bright red like blood in your head.
Fred sounds black
No problem with that
It's merely a colour
I see
When I hear your name.

Janine is pink
Or sometimes green
It all just depends
With which mood it its seen

Amy is yellow
Like a field full of daisies
In the early morning sun
Bright enough to startle a fellow.

Damian is a triangle
With earthy colours
Strong and faithful
Sprotting from there earth's foundations

John its a brown name
That much is sure
It's a brown mansion
with two towers
That houses the dame.

Dylan is blue
About that there's no doubt
God of the sea
Go on and trust me!

If your name is Catherine
Now that is quite something
It's a strong green pillar
With black leaves to adorn it.

Every sound makes a colour
Every name sounds a shape
To experience
Shut up more with mouth agape

Like master Da Vinci Taught,
Use all your senses
And instead of survive
Learn to truly live!

— The End —