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storm siren Oct 2016
My days are filled with color
And bright lights.
I see them everywhere,
And people try to attribute it
To some kind of mental illness
Or problem.

And while my head
Is basically
Alphabet soup,
These colors I see
Have nothing to do with
The reason I take
Multicolored pills
Every day
At various times.

Some days are red,
And others are green.
Some are pink
And today is grey.
My best days are blue,
And white rarely occurs.
Orange is a bad day
And yellow days are the worst.

Black days fill me with dread,
And on brown days, I'd rather disappear.

Gauge me on my colored days,
To help figure out how I feel.

I met you on a blue day.
And fell for you on the same,
And how astonishing it is
How these colors used to cause me pain,
But you seem to light up this darkness,
So I may see them
I'm a synesthete with grapheme, and it gets a little messy sometimes.
storm siren Sep 2016
Soft yellow light,
Pink lower case,
Soft blue arches,
Green curves,
Red snakes.

Orange like a sunset,
Grey wolves howling,
Warm orange yellow like honey,
Green curves,
Orange like a sunset,
Brown like sand.

Red snakes,
Purple curve,
Orange like a sunset,
Warm orange yellow like honey,
Green curves,
Blue corners,
Blue corners,
Pink lower case.


In short, the love of my life.
I spelled my Bluebird's full name using each color each letter of his name is.

:D I am a sap.

— The End —