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Toxic yeti Mar 2
During the
Foreign invaders
From Arabia
In China
A young woman
Headed to the northern
Mountains and struggled until
She was on the moon
Where she looks over
Her people
Until peace comes back
Though she
Never returned to
For hate is a poison
To her.
Toxic yeti Mar 2
Right between the borders
Of Turkestan
And Tibet
There in the remote regions
There lives a demon
With one eye in one socket
And a flower in the other
Waunds all over her
Beautiful face
And body
It’s said that this
Comes when people are
And suffering
To reak havoc on
The tormentors
Through disease.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Isn't it amazing
How one can fall from Grace
For one person to keep safe

Or how one person
Can never lose faith
Even when it's screaming in his face

They can fight battles
And demons alike
And smile together at the end of the night

Give up every last power
Be weak or strong doesnt matter
And share every laughter

And yet still be unsure
Unsure if the other has affection
Unsure if the other wants their attention

It's right there
As plain as anyone can see
You love eachother so easily

So shout it out loud
Don't let fear take it away
Before you lose another day
This may have been inspired by supernatural but its true. Sometimes it's plain as anyone can see that two people like each other but doubt always takes over and stops yoy from saying how you really feel
Robert Dill Nov 2018
So here’s the truth
You can’t just stop loving someone
There’s some supernatural force
And it reminds me of you
It tells all the stories of us
The way you stared into my eyes
And how time stood still
I still think about everything you told me
That one deep dark secret
And I hate how I used it against you
I was so hurt from finding out
About that other guy you slept with
And that doesn’t make it right
I think that day really messed me up
Even now it’s been 4 years
And that dent you left is still there
It’s been accompanied by other ones
But none quite so deep
I’ve tried focusing on its design
But haven’t been able trace it right
Your love was one of a kind
I guess it’s finally time I admitted that
shel Nov 2018
I am
A lamppost
In the midst
Of shinny buildings
Waiting to be
At night.
something was not right,
i could not move my body,
my mind was clear,
as soon as a hand hit my leg,
someone was walking,
something was shaking,
but i was not asleep, yet.

i was drawn into a world that does not belong to anywhere,
but in my mind
or otherwise.
Jordan Hudson Nov 2018
(Yeah, yeah, supernatural being, not tryin' to call myself that but you know, I do have abilities man, I am not a nobody)
Thoughts of me thinking
Bought out my life sinking
Time goes, my life goes
Supernatural light show
Dimmed out, you can still see
The lights are on, I'll still go
Just carefully, keep going
Nothing can stop us, you too slow
I'm too fast, too fast for you though
Around and around, the circle you know
Astrolabe, math, and space and time, make great days
Make it different tomorrow, or better the next day (yeah)
Supernatural, I'm unstoppable no matter how bad, stop the time
Let's go, let me rhyme
A supernatural feeling, my supernatural breathing
I slowly work my way up and you'll start seeing
My capabilities are crowned by the skies
And you'll be stunned and you won't be able to blink your eyes
I'll move so quick you won't know I'm gone, you won't engage
That's what happens when you let a supernatural ghost out it's cage
Don't say I didn't warn you all
And I'll make progress and destroy the fall
Of music of today
I'll save it and make it a different way
It's a story to tell, of a man that fell in a well
I'm sorry to say, but you won't be seeing the same man today
As a matter of fact, he'll be gone for the rest of our day
Our century
(Our century, our time, yeah, listen to me rhyme)
Our century, our time, for the rest of eternity, everlasting
It's a casting of the structure of the turning and blasting
Changes that occur
But don't worry, it'll pass like a blur
It'll pass like a blur
Like a blur
A blur that goes so quick
You can't see it
Faster than light kid
Faster than St. Nick
Light so fast
That you can't see it
A supernatural being, a supernatural feeling
Deep inside, tearing your heart apart
And breaking your bones and throwing them far
A poltergeist of the modern era
A ghost full of terror
The world may end soon and you don't care
What you thinking may be wrong
May be right
But how you gonna know until you have sight
Or an idea
A thought can help, it just might
Think of something better
Something clever
(yeah, supernatural being, supernatural feeling, supernatural breathing, supernatural)
This one took a couple of days
hart Nov 2018
brave little Cas gave up it all,
but then poor little Cas had a great fall,
and all of Dean's prayers,
couldn't even begin,
to put his broken angel
back together again
hart Nov 2018
i sought my soul
but my soul i could not see
i sought my god
but my god excluded me
i sought my brother
and i found all three
he has always been here waiting
with open arms just for me
he is my big brother dean
and i thank him for always protecting me

~ Sam Winchester
hart Nov 2018
a chubby-cheeked,
little boy
who didn't know how good he had it

a golden-haired,
little boy
who had to grow up too fast

a freckled-faced,
little boy
who thought he was invincible

a green-eyed
little boy
who was never quite good enough

a black-eyed
who used to be the great dean Winchester

a brown-haired
broken boy
who just wants his brother back  

a raven-haired
who just wants their pain to stop
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