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Sara Kellie Jul 2018
So humble
and so demure.
Yet . . . . . . .
. . . . you still freak me the ****
out with everything you do.

You amaze me just so
you'll absorb me, I know.
Then we'll both become one.

I've been erased,
now (I'm) no-one.

Poetry by Kaydee.
By giving too much of yourself to
another you become a non-entity,
drifting without a name or an aim.
izzi3 Nov 2017
Will you still love me on my darkest days?
Will you still show me you care?
Will you still remember the taste of my skin
And the way that I play with your hair?

Will you remember the times that we had,
And will you remember the songs,
That played on the records as you loved me then?
I haven't seen you in too long

Will you wait up for me when it is late?
And tell me you love me forever,
Will you come back to me when its done
Because I will. I love you. Forever.
You've promised you'll come back to me, and that will be the day that my heart becomes whole again
Spooky Babe May 2017
Minutes feel like hours
And hours feel like days
I forgot you had this power
To make me fall for your gaze

The second that we're apart
My smile instantly fades
There's an emptiness in my heart
And I grieve for several days

But then I finally see you
And I'm back where I belong
I love to watch the things you do
Like when you mix all your songs

You are truly my comfort zone
You take my heart to new heights
I forget the feeling of being alone
Because you are the love of my life
For my baby may 19, 2017 1:15an

— The End —