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izzi3 Nov 2017
Will you still love me on my darkest days?
Will you still show me you care?
Will you still remember the taste of my skin
And the way that I play with your hair?

Will you remember the times that we had,
And will you remember the songs,
That played on the records as you loved me then?
I haven't seen you in too long

Will you wait up for me when it is late?
And tell me you love me forever,
Will you come back to me when its done
Because I will. I love you. Forever.
You've promised you'll come back to me, and that will be the day that my heart becomes whole again
  Jun 2017 izzi3
Make my back arch and my mind wander;
  Mar 2017 izzi3
Liz And Lilacs
I've started keeping my poetry to myself
written in a leather journal
that feels smooth and safe under my fingers
in ink most often black
but sometimes paper cut too deep red
and sometimes the color of tears
which is to say invisible but crinkled
the horizontal guidelines smudging their colors.
And these poems I write privately
are not my best work
but I love them all the more
than anything I've published.
izzi3 Mar 2017
you inhale as I exhale,
opposites defined by the
sharp black powerlines that
scream across the sky
izzi3 Jan 2017
you're like a germ,
twisting my insides
into outsides, ruining
this facade of happiness

you're like a thorn,
in my side, painful and
ever present, constant
prickles and discomfort
izzi3 Nov 2016
as if you know anything there is to know about me
nothing you say can prove you know
'grow up' no SHUT UP
really should stop crying
yesterday's tears trace patterns down your cheeks
turn the other way, don't watch me cry
even that patronising tone in your voice makes me tremble
and the way you stare at me with your accusing hazel eyes
rumour has it you're so far gone but still you're just angry tears and
does this make sense, i don't know,
i'm angry and shaky and feel like utter ***** but here we are,  an angry write.
it's been a while xo
izzi3 Nov 2016
does it always hurt this bad
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