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A pale sky hovered above me as I walked
Through mountains and valleys vast,
Passing folk who chattered and talked
About days of old and the past,
Of when dragons roamed freely
Bringing terror and fire and fear,
Of when people breathed heavily
Wanting life while the end was near.
“For only beasts could bring the end of man.”
Although man was one of the greatest,
Condemning kin to their bedpan,
Truly, the worst ever created.
And yet they fear the children of time!
As if marvelous creatures so divine
Could bring harm to those without crime!
Who only care to build temple and shrine!
While the true masters of mankind
Are the ones breathing fire in the sky…
Dragonborn, the last of my kind,
As I wandered, I chose who to glorify.
Decided to write this while I was listening to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" soundtrack. Always pained me to have to slay the dragons while they're divine creatures.
Forever burns day by day
As I try to find my way
As I try to run from you
And find the only moon
But there is no running away
Not a chance I can escape
For you trapped my heart and brain
And threw the keys in Hell's depths...
Forever burns me day by day...
That firefly that I see flies away
And I try to hurry behind
For I fear to make myself suffer
For I seek to never hear you mutter
The light that shone burns out today
And the warm eyes that hurt me
I kneel before them and pray
As I can barely make myself breathe...
Forever burns me day by day...
You whisper those deadly words
And touch my heart with burning desire
As I collapse in Hell that you call home
I can barely see the sweetest smile
Raise me up in the skies closer to you
Lift me higher than the stars
And watch me fall as you breathe to me
The final words of the spell you've cast on me...
Your love burns my existence day and day...

— The End —