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Daan Vandelay Jun 19
Your wikipedia page is as boring
as you playing mage and adoring
the exploring of maps and falling for traps
without fighting the wight
in the dungeon at night.
Your life is climbing a hill
with no path in sight, no
one who will respond to you begging to bond
so you're rubbing your wand
while I'm clubbing with your blonde
b*tch, which I ditch, leave behind, beyond
cheeky I grind before the eyes you crave
as you drop to your demise from the eye sore,
pink in the stink, so vile, I smile
because you didn't make a save file.
Ouchie, owie, yikes, the skyrim rap = bars.

extra, didn't make the cut:

Don't rush your fingers to your eye
when you die in a game, don't claim
you didn't, cause I saw the digits disappear,
going near your rear and clearly you came,
lacking class, from the tension in your *ss.

— The End —