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Chris Feb 26
To love, is to die.
Over and over
Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second
And you can't. Do. A thing.
You must sit there, taking it.
Each punch, each stab when you see her
She loves you too
Yet she stomps on your heart
It hurts. Oh the pain.
Yet you still, chase. Her.
To love, is to die.
Over and over
Every second, every minute, every hour, everyday
Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. Love. *****.
Chris Feb 16
At some point, you have to realize
Some people stay in your heart
But can't stay in your life
Such is how live works
Love, a fickle mistress
Love, hate, one cannot exist with out the other.
For to love, one must hate
To hate, one must have loved
To love, is to set yourself up to fall
To fall in such a way, you may never get up
For see? You fall in love, and it's a trap you never escape
This year's Valentine's was brutal, let's leave it at that.
Chris Feb 13
A perfect day
Made for couples
Made as if singles didn't exist
People who **** around
People who will always deny
The feeling of wanting love
People who put in an act
To hide how so very alone they are
Valentine's day
Such a great day,
But also a day that sticks a finger
To those unlucky enough to have walls
For those who desperately want love
But others can't see
Valentine's Day
A horrible day
Not made for singles
As if everybody was coupled
Feeling quite blue and alone. Anyone relate?
Chris Jan 30
Help me
I feel as if I'm on fire
This feeling, what is this
I daresay it is love
The love for a friend
Who has become more
The love for someone who is taken
The love for someone who makes you feel


This is foreign to me
Yet somehow I know
This is the feeling
Love, such a strange thing
Love that comforts,
But hurts more than anything physical
Can make you whole
Or tear you to shreds
Yet, we all take the risk
These are not as different as they seem
This, is the enigma of life
I'm in a very blue mood tonight.
Chris Jan 30
Soft hands, gentle hands
Roaming hands, searching hands
Hands that ignite
Hands that cool
These hands on my body
How I've longed for this
He runs his hands across my stomach
I moan softly in his ear
Then I wake up
And wish I was asleep once more
Just putting this out there. I'm bi, but I have been mostly with women. I've never had anything substantial with a guy, and this is what I picture when I think of me and a guy dating for real.
Chris Nov 2018
Theres always that friend
You make before you know you have to go
You don't talk to for forever
And boom
You get blindsided by this feeling
This feeling of loss
You've become so used to going
That you never stop
To realize you miss those people
You knew for a month
You want to connect again
But you don't know how
They haven't been active on Hangouts for months
You find them on Facebook and hope its them
You send them a message and hope they see
You just want to reconnect
I'm only human you see
Even if it was a month or 2
I still felt something for you
I thank you for getting me into poetry
No matter how horrible I am
Because it turns out
Thats how I found you
Now I write this
Not planned or even coherent
Just so happy I found you
The person I found knows who she is. I think she will read this, I hope not cause I haven't improved much since she forced me on this site. xD Love you all. Love you too M.
Chris Nov 2018
I would like to say
That well, I'm bored
Really I should be quite ***
Heck I'm playing as a Nord!

Thing with this game is its quite large
You can swing a sword or fry an Orc
You can hop a barge to places unknown (Solstheim)
Only to fight a bunch of cultists. (Didn't rhyme but I got some serious beef with those guys)

So by now you should know what I'm playing
What else could it be but the best game around
If you don't you should be praying
Because its Skyrim you friggin hound!
Also still bored. Took my favorite game and messed around with it. Still horrible at writing, but oh well.
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