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Unknownones Dec 2014
Skyrim, Land for Nords
Filled with Mead and Honningbrew
Singing with blood and cords
Disagreeing to their Divines and Lords

But raging with war and Talos Blessed
Destroying the empire, liberating Skyrim
Once Again

But a nightmare appears
"DRAGONS! DRAGONS!" a filthy Nord say
Running away pityfully as the Myths slays

A man stays
A nordic lad
Tough like Talos
***** as a rag
The tongue of the ancients
Shouting, stealing the souls of the Myths

It's the Dragonborn
It's back
Since centuries
And has came
To Unlegend the Myths
Once Again
Dark Jewel Dec 2014
Scars cover the marks,
That aspire to shine.

The marks of war,
To define the bloodline.

Exquisite Mortal,
Of Athenas birth.

Leading an army to war,
Using her right of birth.

Dragon of the sky,
Always by her side.

To battle they ride,
To fight.

Enemy ahead,
Lay down your arms.
You will not match my power,
*Now bow before the Queen.
IAUSHYJ Nov 2014
Original English version see*


Gliding asamit ven,
Mirodah lovaas do kein.
su'um Dovah.
Coming wah feymah wah jusktii!

Viing do yolus hellsong,
Drun kun wah himdah.
Vrii ahrk hil adamant.
Wah oblaan lein do jul.

Unon do dovah,
Bo overhead.
Wraiths do volok.

Taazokaan los ko rut,
tiid ru maltiid.
Alduin los coming.
Wah oblaan lein do jul...
Dark Jewel Nov 2014
Gliding along the currents,
Singing the songs of war.
Fire breathing Dragon.
Coming to settle to the score!

Wings of fiery hellsong,
Bringing light to the land.
Scales and hearts adamant.
To end the world of man.

Millions of dragons,
Flying overhead.
Wraiths of the underworld.

Tamriel is in danger,
The time is running short.
Alduin is coming.
To end the world of man...
Dark Jewel Sep 2014
This land.
It's strange to me.
It's cold like Solstheim.

My mother wouldn't tolerate this!
The breeze danced,
Bringing an icy feel.
To skin so pale.

Hailed to be a Nord,
With Ancient blood of Talos.
With Ysgramor's spirit.
In war.

I must find my way back home,
To the Ashlands.
I will adventure here.

A journey holds the key,
To experience.

I am Jaedin,
Daughter of Alaken,
And Calina.
My village is of the Skaal.

A great evil has come,
It has set over this place...
They say dragons have returned,
What might be in store,
For a young Nord?

Exiting my ship,
I say Hello and Hail,
To Skyrim.
Softfoot moves behind her prey -
no sound.
He stands oblivious
gazing into the distance
between his soul and Sovngarde:
in short,
*closer than he thinks.
Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of Bethesda's products except my copy of Skyrim.
A thousand steps cut into the mountain
stone buried in places
under ever-present snow

Dovahkiin walks -
purposeful strides to carry them through
fog and snow and fire,
turning not aside from their path
lest they hear laughter in
the thunder.

The Way of The Voice demands not loud mouths,
but strong speech.
Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of Bethesda's products except my copy of Skyrim.
Dark Jewel Jul 2014
My family is dead,
I am the first Dunmer to return.

My Crimson eyes tell stories,
Of my emotions,
My dreams.

I am Iria,
Daughter to the House of Telvani.

My home is now Ash,
And deserted.
The Red mountains destruction,
Left only coals to burn.

As I journey,
To the Frozen lands.
I wonder what's in store,
When I arrive in Skyrim...
Dark Jewel Jul 2014
Through the land,
I know every sound.
That caresses my pointed ears.
Vibrating to the very core of my brain
Seeping through it's cracks...

I walk this land,
Astride my horse.
Wandering as a nomad,
^No place to call home..

I was born in Raven Rock,
A Dunmer or dark elf..
as some would say.

I am known as a Gray-skin,
To Skyrim..

So I keep astride,
Finding any camp to sleep.
Though I have to **** for rest.

I am destined to return,
To ash Island of Solsteim.
To defeat Miraak..
And Yes,
I am Dragonborn.
Will be creating Iria for her journey across Skyrims landscape!
Dark Jewel May 2014
I fear you,
Oh beautiful book.
You are a guide,
To a daedric overlook.

Darkness takes you,
In a slimy tentacle.
Its Hermaeus Mora,
Daedric Prince of Wisdom.
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