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May 2018
It was deep into the heart of the earth,
Down the spiral staircase of dreams,
Far from the comfort of the suns and moons,
Men from a future long past,
Memories held through oil and gas,

Breath held as the white demons crept,
Evil and blind they never slept,
Still smell their hatred for the light,
It swept the soil and out into the endless night,
Their origins distort through the assortment of poison,
Killing their humanity it festered through centuries,

Lengthy descents down darkened and deathly hallways,
Missing and empty of those who filled the corridors with life,
The greatest disappearance not know to man,
Their history lingers in cold metal and gears,
Steam pours from their ruins like ghostly fears,

Chambers filled with knowledge beyond all who enter,
Teachings that destroy those who seek to learn,
Secrets seep from stone cut walls,
Enticing those who wish to play with death,
Driving the weak minded to wish they were,

It takes a lifetime to return to the moons,
The nightmares whisper long after,
The future lost in the past,
Finds life in legends living above,
Deep within the heart of the earth.
Written by
Karliah  17/F/The Commonwealth
(17/F/The Commonwealth)   
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