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A Yorks May 2018
Marriages of æther
The birth of Magick
In its pregnant surplus
The Aurbis bursts –
Aurbis to Ætherius
Ætherius to Oblivion
Creation to Destruction.
Oblivion to Mundus
Debris, the Anchor
Mundus to Mortal Death.

The centerpoint is soon to be reycled,
It should be seen as opportunity,
And in no way empty of the fruit of Life,
Though many will be cast down on their knees,
For it is easier to kiss than to become the one who loves,
Thus is the final state of Æ.
In your hubris you have tried the last subgradient to see,
The scarab is elusive to your eyes.

I am God;
I am and I are
All We.
New Man
Becomes God
Becomes Amaranth
Hallucinations, lucid in His eye
He cherishes that which comes forth
Like parent to a child
I are all we.
Come to the house of we.
One world in spirit am I.
A pale sky hovered above me as I walked
Through mountains and valleys vast,
Passing folk who chattered and talked
About days of old and the past,
Of when dragons roamed freely
Bringing terror and fire and fear,
Of when people breathed heavily
Wanting life while the end was near.
“For only beasts could bring the end of man.”
Although man was one of the greatest,
Condemning kin to their bedpan,
Truly, the worst ever created.
And yet they fear the children of time!
As if marvelous creatures so divine
Could bring harm to those without crime!
Who only care to build temple and shrine!
While the true masters of mankind
Are the ones breathing fire in the sky…
Dragonborn, the last of my kind,
As I wandered, I chose who to glorify.
Decided to write this while I was listening to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" soundtrack. Always pained me to have to slay the dragons while they're divine creatures.

— The End —