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eli Dec 2019
i went to the doctor today

i cried before i went in
not because of the doctor

but because of my father

he tells me i have to grow my hair out
i have to be a good little girl

i'm not his little girl
i was only pretending

i am me
short hair

i will not grow out my hair
for his ****** up ideals
of the perfect daughter

when i am not his daughter
at all
its been rough lately lol
Aeryn Mar 2019
I want to cut my hair
I don't want to cut my hair

It weighs me down
drags me along the
trenches of gender stereotypes

People look at me,
"That's a girl."
And I'll turn the color
of diluted self-harm blood; pink.
Maybe I'll give
Being androgynous
a whirl.

It gets all knotty
I keep it in a dull, bland ponytail
I don't think it deserves more
Nor I

But if I cut it,
I'll still be in the stereotype

Another Queer!
Look there,
At their hair!
Probably gay,
By the way!

And what if I look stupid besides?
I have no freaking idea whether to cut it or not.
Jiawen 张 Sep 2017
I cut my hair short.
I got more peace inside.
No makeup on my face,
No fake confidence in my heart.
I am no longer that little girl,
Who would ask a boy
"You like my hair long or short?"
I am no longer that little girl,
who acts accordingly to please a boy.
I cut my hair because it’s my hair.
I am just who I am.
The less I own,
The less I can hide.
The more I throw away,
The more I can have.
To stop acting like a wanted girl,
To have more time in my life,
To gain more peace in my heart,
I cut my hair short like a male.
I am a woman who I love.
Le Lotus Jul 2016
I cut my hair short
Now I am light-headed .
Sally A Bayan Jun 2016
(monsoon moments 1)

The lively colors of summer have faded
Blazing May afternoons have ended,
Clear skies are now ash-blue, sometimes blae
Blooming with soggy grayish ***** of cotton,
Ever ready to burst with crystal drops...
Monsoon winds blow.......then rain follows
Big, heavy, noisy raindrops hit the roof,
They pour longer........inundate the streets
Making them impassable.......................but
I'm raring to be out there when it falls,
Let its cold touch, give me goose bumps...
And waken every nerve in me...
Let it wash away the heat and humidity from my body
Let its steady flow, drench my short hair, flat to my skull,
Let it compress my long-running indecision: do I, or do I not?
I'd wait for all these to slide down and join the wet ground
For, I want to walk around....soaking wet, and barefooted,
Feel the grass.......subservient to the downpour
I want to dip and wiggle my toes in the softened soil,
'til floodwater reaches my ankle
'til I'm one with earth and water
And then I...
Would feel unburdened,
When I come in
  From the rain...


Copyright June 9, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
^it has started to's not even  lunch time yet...^
Duke Thompson Aug 2014
I'll sleep through this life
Like you did the past
Lost last lover's loquacious longing
And your lazy laconic lies
Just little faux pas kisses
On shallow sallow empty lips

— The End —