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Atoosa Mar 2017
I miss you, of course
And I miss that girl I was....
So in love with you
She was sweet and naive and she's gone too....that softer younger me so ready to merge my life with his....
Ellie Wolf May 2016
In light of recent self-awarness
I try my best to feel
less suffocated
by the instilled ideal
of forgiveness
and more accepting
of the primal, instinctive
need to express
what I cannot suppress

In light of recent self-awareness
I try my best to see
less of the drowning
notion that is
The Moment
and more of the ambiently
serene concept of
The Present

In light of recent self-awareness
I try my best to be
less aware
and more myself.
Do as ye do because thou loveth it,
and compete foremost with thyself.

Should ye happen to best many others:
Great. Good for thee. Consider teaching.

If ye happen to be worse than others:
Keep yer chin up. Seek to learn from it.

Become neither hubristic nor discouraged!
Hark! I shall be waiting at the finish line!

— The End —