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Lee Carter Dec 2020
Any lessons we neglect to win in defeat,
we are sure to lose in victory.
Anya Sep 2018
They say...

it isn't about winning or losing
it's the sport
and the people who play it
But is it really?
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Games are for boys -- I was in the wrong.
No other opinion ever matters,
and how I know this, it makes me sick
Middle of your twenties dedicated to
card and computer games, but
never once was your attitude cool as
you thought it was.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I play for fun.
Maybe I'm naive, but I play to feel free.

Games are for boys only --
sometimes for girls who "aren't like other girls"
but then look what happens, Mary,
you get exposed to **** enough,
you'll become an *******.

I want to have fun, but I can barely breathe.
You all want to be competitive until you lose
in a way you never thought you would,
then suddenly the competition's a farce
and you're not okay, because of that list
you made, the one that has acceptable
and unacceptable ways to win and play.

I could be mean if I wanted to, but sometimes
the truth does work.

Sometimes the truth does work.

Honey, if you're hurt that you didn't learn
what you should learn in kindergarten
you are more than welcome to join your
toddler friends in the playpen
Hehe. Apologize? Why? I have more fun without you.
Do as ye do because thou loveth it,
and compete foremost with thyself.

Should ye happen to best many others:
Great. Good for thee. Consider teaching.

If ye happen to be worse than others:
Keep yer chin up. Seek to learn from it.

Become neither hubristic nor discouraged!
Hark! I shall be waiting at the finish line!

— The End —