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Jason Cain Nov 2017
Divinity is an infinite concept- never ending and never beginning. Before creation there was the Divine and after attainment there is the Divine. To move within the Divine Way is to move within eternity. Within the eternally passionate and spontaneous movement of Divinity is the fullness of omnipotence.

To follow the Divine Spirit is to live within the shadow of creation. It is the ecstasy of “Buddhahood attained” and then laughed at in the ****** of eternity. It is Enlightenment or Holiness always, then steadfastly shunned in the decadence of their implications.

To move within the oneness of the Divine is to perceive the sameness of things, but things are things and to say that they have no meaning, or that all meaning is one meaning, is to be lost within the ocean of the void- the indulgence of omnipotence.

To follow the Divine Spirit is to understand the deeper meaning of things. All worlds of the escapist and the realist are both real and unreal, for the Divine is Enlightenment, but illusionary in its idealistic terms. It is the great river on its never ending journey to the sea, but to reach the ocean is to be lost, to cease to be, for it is always within the journey that one finds meaning and never at journey’s end.

Those that do not know the harmony of the Divine live in materialistic emptiness. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT – a childish form of avarice, of impulsiveness and sentimentality, a continuous grasping, a world full of desire – the very foundations of fear and affliction. Those that proclaim the Divine find nothing but discriminative idealism. I AM, I AM, I AM – the indulgence of pride and love – an idealism based on a relativistic compassion, concealing in truth a desire for self-worship.

For those who travel in tune with the harmonics of the Divine- IT IS, IT IS, IT IS – spirit reflects its own reward. The bonds of illusion fall as leaves from a tree in autumn; all is right within the world for Spirit moves within.
This poem express the perfection of spiritual enlightenment and how the spirit moves within the enlightened, and yet paradoxically the enlightened one must rejected enlightenment as a false truth.
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IrieSide Sep 2015
Those who dare to see
that beauty
is not rooted in conformity
Brianna Jun 2015
We sang to remember the moments that had ready passed us by. The moments when the wind flew through our hair as we drove towards the lake on that summer night.

We laughed so hard our stomachs threatened us with a six pack & a good time. Pulling off the side of the road to laugh a little longer than we needed to.

The moments we so often forget; I live for those. Stargazing on docks, skinny dipping on rocks. Wandering through the woods in the night, hoping the Mosquitos don't bite. Deer omens and sweating a little to much; remembering the simple times, a simple touch.

To be young. To be free.
I want to live this way forever.
My best friends and I have decided to make this summer our ***** by doing one thing everyday. Last night we attempted to skinny dip and it didn't turn out the way it should have but the memories made it so much better
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
There’s hidden
A precious pearl
Eons have passed
Mentioned in
Various folklores
Hushed tones
Described the
Unknown beauty
Eyes have
Not truly feasted
On it yet
Pearl of Wisdom
Between the
Hidden chambers
Core of the
Universe held secrets
About the origin
Many seers
Have meditated
For time immemorial
The secret of beauty
Love and wisdom
Soul’s eternity
Thus birthed the
Universe from this
Hidden beauty
Many seers will
Meditate eternally
At the confluence of time
In deep trance
Shall try to delve
Deeper into the core
And be one with
The Universe
Francie Lynch Mar 2015
The year following
Jimmy's death
(my first encounter,
and my little brother),
I smothered myself
In every read on
Astral beings,
OBE's, NDE's,
And plasma projections,
Reincarnation and all
I awarded myself
An Honorary Doctorate
In ******* (Ph. D.B.S.).
Then I met ****** Mary,
As the police called her.
Her keen abilities
Recovered bodies
And the snatchers.
She had a dead-on reputation.
She spoke German and gesticulated
Wildly while she oracled.
Her husband translated simultaneously.
Her sun-room shone,
There were plants on
Every table. No candles.
Perhaps I was mesmerized.
She had one message for me
From the other side:
     Tell Francie to leave me alone.

(my darling little sister,
And my next encounter),
Had a dream the very same
Day I saw my seer.
She dreamt Jimmy
Was alone,
Crying at home,
And through his tears
She clearly hears:
     Tell Francie to leave me alone.

****** Mary was free,
That's right... no fee.
She said her gift
Was for sharing,
And she shared
Her gift with me.
True story. I have left him alone all these many years. "There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio." (Hamlet)

— The End —