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Leia R Apr 2016
Hold tight to your humanity,
my dear
even in the worst of times
for if you lower yourself to
their animalistic ways
there you shall be and
there you shall stay            l.r.
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Misty dreams flow shimmering through empty catacombs.
Floating effortlessly, the galaxy I see blows straight through me.
Above and all around, you gotta go up in order to get down.
Twisting visions morph into view.
I cast them aside with the wave of my hand.
Shadows cast upon the wall,
you never know they're there at all.
Spiteful demons invoking chant,
laughing hysterically as you fall.

I can simply pass through the wall.
Dissolving dimensions of your matter, within me.
I can consume your eternity,
Know that I know you like no one else knows you.
Hide your eyes, it's no surprise.
The tangible world filled with your lies.
I pay no head to the convulsive cries.
There is no need, for all things die.

© Crystal Erickson 5/19/08
This is a poem written from the view of a vampire hunting and taking its prey

— The End —