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Khoi-San Aug 5
is the sea, I love
behold the wobbling blue sky,
the boat rocks,
my rod drops,
I fall overboard
my worst habit
is when i start thinking
of times past, the happy,
the sad, the inbetween,
i often can get lost there
for far too long.

may i keep my gaze
not on yesterday for
too long, or worry of
the future more than
is of bare necessity.

may i keep my eyes
fixed on what is right
in front of me, things to
explore, people to meet,
tasks that need doing.

but may i also
be able to visit
all the ghosts who
all still each very much
own and always shall
small pieces of my heart
at least every once
in awhile, on a day
just like today.
Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren
Rose Mar 1
I put too much hope into you
Too much hope into a church, hoping I would learn to fit into it
Too much hope into a town, hoping I would learn to love it
Too much hope into friends that knew not of my soul
Into friends I had hoped would make time for me
Into people I had hoped would accept my beliefs because they accepted me
I put too much hope into a man who stunk of reckless and heartless ambition
Into a man I thought would love me before I loved myself
How wrong and twisted I was
And what a blessing I can see straight again
irony at it's finest
aniket nikhade Jul 2015
Little do we know of what we know is very little,
too little to put the next step forward,
so little that we even hesitate in putting any extra effort.

With regards to drawing any conclusion at the present moment in time,
little do we know,
if anything about everything in the present,
very little.

Like happiness, even success cannot be achieved instantaneously
Only knowing that both success and happiness have got a definite place in everyone's life will not make things work,
more importantly we need to agree and accept upon the same.

Most importantly, consistent efforts need to be made in the right direction.
Initially it's need of the hour,
then later on,
of course the same becomes a kind of a habit.

Along with time, experience and expertise, patience and perseverance also play a major role in an individual's life.

Over a period of time after actualizing the right moment in time things start to take the right shape when success comes along the way.
Everything now depends upon the future, so ascertaining the future as of now is something that cannot be stopped.

Consistenly, over a period of time something goes on in the mind
There is a sort of restlessness that seeks into the mind
Same restlessness later on becomes a concern and over a period of time the same concern gets deeper,
concern is with regards to the future,
same concern also with regards to doing everything as quickly as possible in the present.

Anxious is the state of mind now, a little bit anxious and somewhat excited to know more.

More than what has already been registered by the mind an anxious mind tries to know everything in detail.
Thoughts in the mind race from present moment of time towards future,
of course, a future has always remained uncertain.

An uncertain future remains on hold and since been on hold,
of concern remains the future,
great concern.

An uncertainty about the future at first disturbs the mind, later on over a period of time there is a restlessness that sets into the mind.

What else is there as of now?
What else is the possibility with regards to the future?
Is there any other way out?
Is there a better way of doing things?
Quite possibly some kind of innovation can be done.

Little do we know of what we know is very little
Little do we know that there is no alternative to hard work and also there is no short cut to success.

Always it's better to play safe rather than to feel sorry later.
Always it's better to know everything at first instead of straightaway jumping on any sort of conculsion,
rightaway making any kind of decision,
since both of which can spoil the game.

Each and everyone plays a game in his life,
a game of his own choice,
a game which will decide the fate of his life.

Better to discuss each and everything first
Once done, then comes the final decision
Right or wrong, of course that fate will decide later.

Little do we know of what we know is very little,
too little to put the next step forward,
so little we know of what all we know that we hesitate in putting in any extra effort.
Even as for drawing any conclusion in the present,
little do we know,
if anyhing about everything in the present,
very little.
It has been always said that haste is waste, but still there are times when we do not learn from our own mistakes and make the same mistakes in a haste

— The End —