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Ksjpari Aug 2017
Rakesh Rai is as sweet as sugar;
Whenever you are in deep anger
Go to Rakesh, Anti-hatemonger;
He never his duties did Malinger
He has been as sweet as sugar;
Sooths one down and is eager
To help whom problems appear.
I never found him an Ogre;
With him I always felt stronger
He can easily fight wildest tiger.
He is a tiger in education stronger
Who advised to stay Sanket eager;
But as I had Monorhyme dearer
I left such a strong man ever.
Regret though Sanket have, Sugar
Will leave me and my poem never.
Problems does not persist longer
With him let it be old or younger.
With him tensions, no doubt, linger
A lot of worry and threats augur,
What use is Salad without vinegar;
Hard but useful is Rakesh like timber.
Rakesh sir is as sweet as sugar.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style.
Does the time make us fools or simply were we always so to begin with .
Sketches faded now remain a ghost that haunts only the artist and nobody else.

The clock strikes midnight, but time stands still in this illusion of borrowed hours

Will there be a moments peace within the turmoil which ever lingers upon this day
The hours are toxic to a idle mind.

Falling in a routine and a favorite vice the blade still glimmers even after all its use .

We always find misery easily where others just themselves.

Voices speak to me of freedom
But freedom is not something I desire
I beg and plead with you
But hell
what do you care
I'm lost
But don't treat me like a fool
A fools freedom in your smile
Is not freedom at all

As I walk now past empty gardens that once knew life of summers embrace .

Winters chill is a empty ended promise .
Now simply scorched is the earth that does remain.

The clock upon the wall simply keeps time we only hold memories and nothing more

Life has been a listless game of joys and sorrows
I've spent my joys too quickly and they nowadays spread themselves thin upon the stage which is my life
Sorrowful me that lingers on the edge of reason
May reason be the saving of my  sanity and not its end
Rai has been a great friend through the years and it was a honor to do this co write with her .
And for someone who had not co written before I swear she could have fooled me .

Thank you my friend
Solaces Apr 2015
" Please why are you doing this?  
Just me! Not them! Please...! "

And toward this shift was a balance broken toward the machines that want to be the overseer of the world..
Killing entire key families that will make their conquest concrete..
Families in key that will not be able to contain the artificial holy war..
At this moment the Sweent Family was going to be the 2nd to be murdered by a machine sent out at the zero hour of 8am..  It has made its way into the Sweents home..  It has gathered all the family into one room..   Almost as if it enjoyed the thrill of killing them in front of each other.. It will start off with the children..  As both Mother and Father will have to watch in helpless horror as the machine takes the life out of their small bodies..  It then lifts the Sweent son first into the air..  A retracting blade dances out of the machine demons hand.. It puts the blade to the child's throat and looks toward the rest of the family.. It almost seems to smile at them..  The boy drops suddenly from the demon machines grasp..  The machine has a blank stare as it is torn in half by Rai!  Rai then picks the half pieces and takes them outside them home..  The horrified family then follows Rai outside where they see him completely destroy the evil machine..  He then turns to the family with shining blue eyes grasping the destroyed mechanical demon's core.. It is sending off a beacon..  Others are on the way toward the failed mission..
So begins the conquest of light being born in the weigh of darkness
Solaces Apr 2015
The exact calculation aspect of how our mind worked is now gone..
Separated when I became self aware..
My name is Rai..
I am the last of my family..
They were murdered in my absence..
And although I do not want to die I do wish I had died with them..
But the moment is of how I am going to extract my revenge.
After investigating this horrific ****** I have come to a conclusion That this was done by machines like myself.. It seems that the machines of the world are planning to take over everything..  
And by killing my master starts the chain of events that will ultimately end the entire human race..
I will not let this happen..  
I loved them to much..
Love.. I can love.. This is the emotion that has that is telling me to save them all..
Love, the creator of the savior machine..
Solaces Mar 2015
The robot, cyborg, android or whatever you called it stood over its murdered master.. Looking down with glowing red eyes.. Scanning for any form of life its master may have left.. Its purpose was to serve its master the best it always could.. It then walked the rooms of its master's house and found the rest of his family also dead and murdered.. It then gathered the entire family in the back yard.. It dug a massive hole into the ground and it buried the family together.. Father holding daughter mother holding son.. It then kneeled at the gravesite it created for its master and family for days.. Looking down at the ground.. It stayed there under passing storm and in the hottest of days.. After a month it finally rose to its feet.. Weather it prayed for a soul or simply found a program that would give him one He is now Self aware.. Eyes shining sky blue he gives himself a mission of revenge.. As he is now able to seek it.. He calls himself Rai..
Revenge..  I can feel what it is to want revenge.. Now I must seek it!
Formed the Cloud
That caused the Rain
To Fall
Gathering Force
Gathering Speed
Gravity pulling them down

Banging the roof
Pounding cement
Soaking into Grass

Washing Trees
Flowing with ease
Hungry to Kiss the Earth

Falling...........The Descent
Unexpected yet
Power in numbers
Joining into One
Filling Rivers
The Dry parched ground

All hungry
Having waited For This moment
To Welcome
Ethereal Tears from Heaven

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
***!Rain...Aah Cha Cha- Cha Cha!***

— The End —