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It’s lonely only finding truth in philosophy,
when only phenomenology can tell us
that we are just compounds of need
falling into traps of manipulation
set by the veiled hunger others

There can’t be two sides to every story
if we are just navigating altered perceptions of reality
warped by insecurity and ego
using endless disingenuous promise
as a means to an end
that we can’t see
or understand
so underhand, we take all that we can get
to sate some innate desire that devours us
never letting us see its teeth.
if the emanations of the motive were noticed
one would be completely still
a choice in the flesh
intricate doubt
A certain spectrum of whiteness
still is delusional
it thinks it is still torturing black people in private
It functions as if it is out in the barren ocean
on a slave ship
choosing captives to ****
degrade and throw to the sharks
and the patterns of society are used to it
like the sharks that changed their feeding patterns
based on this **** and killing
by slave overseers
The white slave overseers enjoyed **** so much
and the money from it
that a whole social structure was designed around it
the Ivy league institutions made this possible
the government made this possible
communities made this possible
you make it impossible
thank you
The phenomenological reduction*  *[epoché]  *is a suspension of judgments about the existence or non-existence of the external world to focus on phenomena themselves.

The eidetic reduction  is an analysis of essence or ideals,
It is performed by cycling through different elements of a mental reproduction for a given phenomenon to define its key characteristics.

The transcendental reduction  is a general examination and dissection of experience derived from the mind which is supplied by the given sensate intuitions, acknowledging its taken for grantedness.
This, the reduction proper, is the realization of and acceptance
that the world as we know it is taken for granted; everything is a signifier.
Signifiers represent patterns, we use them to recognize;
We signify existence, one pattern at a time.

From the philosophy of Edmund Husserl (1859–1938),
German philosopher and founder of phenomenology.
argus Feb 2015
Who knows?
None but myself.
Who has experienced?
None but myself.
Who cares?
Surely, none but myself.
The second power of the Sphinx
is Will.

"Motion is by mind alone."
Intelligence, armed with Wisdom,
        fortified with Understanding,
                The will to power orchestrates
                desire, giving flesh to dream.

                       (ripples in the waters of מ)

        Who awakens, ceasing Motion,
        becomes the Mover:
        the omnipresent Point.

Will is the Artificer of Truth.
Truth embodied by Art
follows conception.
Existence produces mythos.

                "The Maze, the Maze that is the Secret,
                loves Itself.
                And in the love of Itself,
                amazing things Become."

To Will is to express:
to falsify the inestimable
and create by omission.

        "The world-dream is a lie." Ω

        "Lo, for these words that stain the lips of the Anointed,
        the Smeared Ones.
        Smeared in the ashes of My blood
        is the lie that is Our story."

The cause of Action is narrative.
The effect of Action is narrative.
I speak the Word.
I hear the Word.

The Story begins.
And begins.
And begins.
And begins.

⊙ - Motion is by Mind Alone
⊾ - Liber Labyrinthus
Ω - Liber Atrocitas
svdgrl Sep 2014
I want to be the band
around my wrist,
at peace,
at rest,
with the sole purpose of being a band,
around my wrist.
With nothing but thread and elastic
holding me together.
Without option of thinking,
but simply existing.
Without the desire to love
or be loved,
but to be loved perhaps,
and hated perhaps.
I want to be the band,
around my wrist,
and I don't want to be me.

— The End —