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Poetic T Mar 2017
I collected the currency of my failings inserting voices  
into the deluge of my figurine dancing on the precipice
of my tainted visage.

But I was short of necessitates, fraudulent reimbursement
was reincorporated, and I was woven unwept as the distresses
of what I had done wove upon my silhouette.

Blank verses were woven on my pools of sky blue, now vacant
only snow flakes of nothingness fell on my perception.
I was not as before I was whole but concussed in creation.

Interwoven, incomplete essences of me. I wasn't that which
was reflected outwards, all that was now interlaced in an
abomination of false reflections and I paid the ultimate price.
Pax Feb 2017
there's a price
to every choice
not every payment
equates money.
Dear Readers,
I always thought that every decision we made is a free one. But now i realized that it is not the case, there will always be something of a price or a higher effort that equates every move & choices we make. Some are visible to perception and some are unseen, never noticed. It is like cause and effect, or you paid this to gain that or every choices has its own consequences either good or bad.

Thanks for reading ...

Jake muler Sep 2015
Some things just
To put it nicely.
SøułSurvivør May 2015

the small frail child
runs in and out of the surf
she bends gracefully and stretches her hand out for another shell

working the waves
she delicately turns her find
over in her fingers with appreciation
before placing it carefully in her pail

a dedicated sea nymph
she works the morning hours
through, her job is delight in nature

and she is paid in sand dollars

(c) 5/30/2015
My most precious memory.
I LOVE shells!

Lenore Lux Nov 2014
Tonight, I feel lucky like I got Lamia at my side
Twilight will see justice and wrath meet
From virulence who could truly hide?
Tonight I ride in under the rain,
like under thin skin pushing blade
Anguish within replete in collecting like a memory
In time fully bleeding and reaping
A time limit on sun and moonlight
Tonight I ride in delivery
of thousands
for pain in payment

My mother was not right since the longest I recall
with the sickness to which you bound her, enthralled
For the daughters and the sons and for guardians who once
enjoyed their unity, who well beside themselves with grief
won't ever pray for harm

Tonight I ride lucky, Lamia,
as I collide
Janet Brown Jun 2014
No stars illuminate the Earth tonight.
Alone, the wet new leaves and I survey my plight;
The issue here so dark we may not find the light,
And only you and I will ever know what's really right.

I only want to give my very best to you,
Yet somehow that may work toward a great "undo"
Of everything I hoped to be, it's true.
At least until the next big bill comes due.

I know we'd love to think that love is free
'Though somehow still we know that just can't be.
I don't know how to make it feel like there's no fee
Because there's one thing you will never ever see...

The most expensive gift I ever gave to you was me.
-2011 does the lease run out?

— The End —