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BoF Sep 2019
You told me you had slept with another
Thoughts of you together played in my head
Sleep would not come to save me
from the torment
Images of unknown lips touching yours
Hands roaming the body
I have spent countless days and nights dreaming about

What made her so special ..
What made you give to her something I’ve worked so hard for

The love I freely gave
gone to waste
Your attention is all I’ve ever longed for
The kisses placed on my cheek
With lips which are now tainted
burn me hotter than any flame
I wish to wipe her from your mind
Erase her finger prints from your skin

Why her
Why not me..
BoF Sep 2019
Broke my heart
To see you
Like animals

Not all were saints
Mistakes in life were made
Had not been served
Silence before your pleads
Could be heard
Your death
Will not go unheard
This poem was written regarding all the recent and past deaths caused by police brutality surrounding  prejudice with people of color.
BoF Aug 2019
Do we love pain?
Do we invite sadness into our lives because happiness can become so mundane.
Is the  existence of struggle embedded into our DNA just so we can feed our narcissistic urge to feel validated for our accomplishments as meaningless as they are because in the end we all die..
Sorry for the doom and must be a full moon
BoF Aug 2019
Like a man lost in the desert
You are my maroge
A secret I’ve kept for so long
I’ve become as desperate as a man dying of thirst
Having you so close
feeling your skin under my finger tips  knowing that you’ll never be mine...
Knowing that everything I’ve  ever wanted in life is standing right in front me  just within my grasp but yet a million miles away feels like the slowest heartbreak.
BoF Aug 2015
“افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت
Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.”
BoF Aug 2015
Forgiveness is found in her arms
redemption is her love
she's so pure and clean
still don't know what she
sees in me
but because of her
my soul can be

BoF Aug 2015
I'll turn my back on this place
'cause it reminds me of
nothing but my mistakes
of moments that I wish
could fade
of the stupid decisions that
were sadly made.

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