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  May 10 moonlight
The morning sun whispered to the streetlights to go to sleep..
The morning sun burned away the fog from the moons dreams..
The day has chased the night away..
moonlight Jul 2017
Mystical morning mist
Interrupting our Kiss
Sunshine on a horizon
Tumbling over waves

moonlight Jul 2017
Romance in France,
Ontario Canada,
Antigua & Barbados
New Mexico,
Cairo, Spain, Greece,
Everywhere is nice
Love is found everywhere in the world
moonlight Jul 2017
Poodles are sweetest of dogs
Once i have a cute poodle,
O' my very own poodle
Darling-- i owned him for a
Long time, Until
Early one day--- oops
Suddenly he was broken
moonlight Jul 2017
Tasty, tempting
O' so sweet
Makes my day
Tasty tempting
O' So sweet
Every bite
So nice
I've always loved tomatoes ever since i was a  little girl
moonlight Apr 2017
Sugar sweet kisses
unbelievably divine
Goodness says I
A beautiful dream
Ravishing my soul
moonlight Apr 2017
Sweet as summertime love
Treasures are red berries
Ravishing my heart and soul
Always stunningly perfect
With sunshine and dreams
Berry delicious, my darling,
Enjoy in sunlight, when
Reading poetic verses,
Read with millions of stars
In moonlight escapades
Enveloping all our senses
Succulent strawberries
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