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Alif May 2019
For years, I Penned my passion for writing in form of poetry,
Some emotional and some devotional, wrote some with patience and some in a hurry.,

Now, A new beginning, A new chapter,
Yes, I am now an author.,

My passion for poetry shall never die,
My every emotion will keep it alive
Alif Mar 2019
Its dark,
Dark as night without shining star and brightening moon,
Neither lights nor lamps on,
North south east west,
Any direction I turn;
If someone near, if you can hear,
Please answer my fear,
Is this day or night, why am I here?
Why is my whole body shrouded in white linen?
My family, where have they gone?
No response,
Still Silence..... Can’t be defined, only be felt,
No sound I hear, not even my own heartbeat;
I am left to live here alone,
Does not matter, my eyes kept closed or open,
Dark and silence, not so good companions;
My first and new experience,
But shall remain for eternity.,
"Silence of the grave", "Dead silence",
The idioms now make sense;
Alif Mar 2019
I am a muslim, a name familiar but for wrong reason.,
An identity misunderstood very often.,
I am not a muslim just by name or birth; But to the will of my creator, I bowed in complete submission.,
Hearing me say, some curl their lips in disdain and some give terrified expression.,
Terrorist/extremist/fanatic/radical muslim are the different titles I am given; But to which I have neither close or distant relation.,
I am proud to be a muslim for it transformed me into a better human .,
From all forms of alcohol/tobacco/ drugs my tastebuds refrain.,
From looking at any obscene things my eyes abstain.,
My heart restrain from every shameful desire or unlawful relation.,
My body desists from doing any immodest/immoral action.,
My tongue holds back from saying harmful/hurtful/ disrespectful/disgraceful words to any fellow man.,
My mind sees no disparity or discrimination.,
For no man is superior over the other either by wealth, caste, colour, region or religion.,
To be just and honest, I try my best.,
" Who ever kills an innocent man is as though he killed the whole of mankind"; My creator's warning is engraved in my mind.,
I dare not disobey any of his commandment.,
I am his weak slave just striving to be obedient.,
I submit to the will of Lord of universe, the exalted, the merciful and the most magnificent.,
Call me by any name; I shall remain a Muslim.,
"Terrorism has no religion"
Alif Mar 2019
No surname for identification, no address for communication, no relations to own and no rights in my possession,
Discovered in the trash bin as long term survivor of affliction asphyxiation and malnutrition,
Given shelter yet brought up in isolation, called by names that describes my origin,
Denied basic human rights for I possess no rights to be born.,
I am by definition; An illegitimate result of legitimate love induced illicit physical union of a ****** woman with her unlawful man.,
While the sinful man and the woman are at relief that their sin is trashed away in the bin; My shoulders carry its burden and forever my peace and happiness are forbidden.,
Should I be Grateful to my fellow man who saved me from death to curse my birth all my life, Or to the God who created me as an illegitimate sign of a man's sin .,
it is not unusual in the world that one sins\wrongs\commit mistakes and the burden\guilt\pain is carried by an other-the self-proposed law of man
Alif Mar 2019
I am born a human, dignified of all God’s creation,
A physical body with no imperfection and a pure soul in my valuable possession.,
I am blessed with all the basic necessity,
A roof to provide my safety, clothing to protect my modesty and food to attain my satiety,
Not all my fellow human are blessed as I am yet to my creator my complains are plenty.,
When the perforated roof lets in the blazing sun to burn my skin or the pelting rain to pour in,
My heart desires for lives of people in huge mansion with all its sophistication.,
When tiny pebbles and thorns ***** my sole even with my shoes on,
When the best of my dress is that which is least worn,
When knowing too well I can’t afford a new one yet when over and over again I count each penny I own,
My heart desires for the life of a queen- to become the symbol of beauty, elegance and fashion.,
When my stomach is fed everyday with food of the same kind,
My heart desires for lives of the rich to nourish my body soul and mind.,
With growing desires my heart became so heavy that my body could no more carry;
And it turned thin and weary.,
Oppression of my heart to fulfill its desires drove my mind into exhaustion,
Physical and mental strength I shall never regain,
Unless my heart surrenders its desires and bow to its creator with gratitude and in complete submission.,

— The End —