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Rohit Goyal Aug 2016
In the midst of night, dark and deep
she speaks to me, from the stars above
“its alright”, says she, “I’ll watch over you
you are not alone, you have my love.”

I look down, I start to cry, no tears did come
just empty sobs and sighs that were till now
buried deep down in me, someplace inside
hopes in my eyes, heart of a child, I asked how?

how would you ever know, when it all goes dark
how would you hug me, how would you know am scared
who’d tell me, I’ll pass through, I’ll survive
who but you would have cared?

“I am your aura, your shield, your shadow
I would see your life through your eyes you know
I’ll feel it all, the joys and pains
I’ll never leave your side, I love you so”

but how would I see the smile that makes my day
how would I hear the voice, the sweetest nightingale
how would I lie in your lap, and share my day
how would I irritate you, follow you like your tail

“I’ll smile every time you smile my child
in the night when your asleep, I’ll sing lullabies
I’ll be your heart and I’ll know it all
I’ll be your tail this time, we still have those ties.”
Oh how I wish
That you were here
The soothing sound
Played upon your guitar
The way you smiled
The way you cried
The way you loved
The way you hated
Oh how I wish you was still here.

The way you rolled in the green fields
The way you burned Everything down
The way you tried to love me
The way you died to love me

Oh how

I wish you were here.
A sweet and simple one.
Sally Tsoutas Sep 2016
Tough day done
not a bit too soon.
Flies down the
freeway, shouts to a tune
with the window wide.
Hair out wild, let the
wheels run home.
And there, slapped
round and high on
a chamomile sky lies the
lilac moon like a poem.
She sings a Spring wind
and sighs out loud
as the day
A long working week is surrendered to everything beautiful about Friday, Spring and the moon.
Kes Long Feb 2016
As you know,

when I see your face,

it makes mine glow;

And as I lay under your glaze,

thinking of you has often got me dazed.

How I wish you're here each night. . .

so that we may hug till dawn,

always kissing, cuddling,

Gazing into each other's eyes;

Soulful understanding.

Keeping it real with your kind and gentle,

almost spiritual understanding.

Because I know that it is true,

when I found love,

It began with You,

It progressed with I,

And it grows with Us.
Emily Garcia Sep 2015
As I lay in my bed
in this dark room
the silence is strident
and so is my mind.
My thoughts immediately go to
every moment of the day
my eyes grow heavy
and my body is at peace
but still
you're there
in the back of my mind.
Amanda Jan 2015
I would let you fall asleep on top of me
and stroke your back
as your labored breathing
heaves your chest
up and down
on mine.
And I would twirl your hair
around my finger
kissing your forehead.
I would
trace circles on your porcelain skin
as your eyelashes flutter
with your dreams I will never see.

Come here
Let me hold you;
Loosely but
I won’t let go,
not until
you wake up
and stir so lightly
against my chest.

But even then.
Even then.
*I’ll still be holding you.
Amanda Sep 2014
I miss the days we never had
and your hand that never fit
so perfectly in mine
No, I never did get to feel
your heart beat against mine.

These days are endless.

They say you can’t
miss something you never had
But I do.
I miss your laugh
your voice
the way you talk
the way you filled my days.

Things only you could do.

You’re gone

Talk to me, please
I swear I’m listening.
Hanging from every last word
I wish you would have said.

My hands are open,
tired and tried,
fallen at my sides.
What am I holding onto?
This is me giving up.
Ferrin McGinness Apr 2014
i miss you,
in such a boring way.
my eyes materialize you
slowly, and blurry,
and automatic.

i don't need to wish you were here
to wish you were here.

— The End —