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Brejesh Shan Mar 2020
With tears in my eyes
I am going estranged
Like white clouds in the sky dispersing
I am slowly dissolving
In a fountain of tears
I am falling everyday

My moon, I sought to follow your shadow
Why did you leave me?
My life, my soul
You burnt and threw away my love, my beautiful bear

Why did you leave me,
My life, my soul
You froze my dreams in my tears

The rain will quench the thirst of the soil
What happened to my love
I am withering, searching for a way to get back into the world you threw me out of, my beautiful bear.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
Tu mera dil (you are my heart),
Tu meri jaan (you are my life),
Jaan-e-jaan (the life of life)…

Here I am, awaiting rain
Awaiting a band of colours
To shimmer upon these eyes in pain
To clink into these ears disdained
To delight this mind of fears, memoirs and shame

There you are, it is you
You embody all the colours
Within the rainbow of my imagination
Within the verses of this ovation
Within the message carried in my creation

The power of doubt
Corners me, I wander about
I look at the sky for answers
When the sky’s dropped you down to sing them out

Emcompassing sheer valour
Giftwrapped by your voice so tantric
I’ve come to terms;
There is only one colour –
– The colour of music.

— The End —