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Sherenna Nov 2019
One sleepless boy
Falling to the deepest of the ocean
Looking for himself in the ocean waves
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
Running through an unending maze
Walking through an unending road
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
He is running through a neverending dream
A beautiful and horrifying dream of a one sleepless boy

-Inspired by a girl named Jessica-
This poem was inspired by a lovely girl named Jessica - she wrote a story of a sleepless boy, who was afraid to be caught in his dream.
Sophia Crocker Feb 2018
A little boy stand there,
withering away in grief.
It wasn't his fault.
He didn't know,
That it was here time...
Her time to go.
Will the boy ever love?
Will he ever see the sun again?
On a dark day like this,
There was no sun.
No light,
Only darkness,
And the cold reminder of the sound of a gun.
There was no way of stoping it,
For the bullet was too strong.
The boy still griefs over what can not be undone.
Quick Write I did in creative writing class. (5 minute write)
The drowning fly
a little boy...

rescued from water
placed, upon leaf.

Shaking his wings
staring and puzzled?

Little Boy smiled
then said, Goodbye.

Off he flew,
perhaps a sigh?

Little became bigger,
old, then gone.

Ages, years later
planet now dying.

Lamentation and despair!
No, little hope!

And they came
strange-ones; as bugs.

Seeing through time
somehow they knew?

Knew about Boy
from long ago.

Leaving quite suddenly
left us gift.

A planet saved,
saving our people.

Turning at door
smiling said, Goodbye.

Statue right there,
spot they landed.

The Little Boy
saving a Fly.
To Ridley Scott in memory of his brother Tony.
AD Snail Dec 2017
They're used to a little boy,
That gave out hugs for free,
And gentle smiles filled with no pity.

He used to tell people they meant the world.
Saw good in everything, he did.

Tried his best to never speak out of turn,
And kept dark thoughts at bay for all,
Never allow you to feel down for long.

His gentle eyes held such kindness,
That was meant for angels,
But was given to even the most cruel creatures.

He wished to be dependable even when he was bruised.

He was such a good little boy,
And it was a shame he never knew.

That little boy, oh how I miss him so.
His innocents now all washed away,
Drowned away by his own demons.

He is lost away out at sea,
And drowned long ago,
Now that is all left is a impassive demon,
That shows no compassion.

Oh how I miss that little boy,
I would love to trade places with him any day,
But I made a mistake of letting his hand slip from mine.
Tears tried to escape from my eyes, as I wrote this.
Scarlett Aug 2016
little girl wants a monster truck
little boy wants a fairy doll
little girl wants to be a boy
little boy wants to be a girl
doors closed and eyes closed
wishing for a brighter tomorrow
closet doors creaking open
light shining in
closet doors jammed open
Red Frost Jul 2016
The world's full of people,
who's beauty reigns outside.
With all the nice gestures,
you won't know what they hide

A prince who once believed,
in happily ever after
is now dying everyday,
for vengeance and ******

Who could have thought,
that behind those looks,
a burning hatred
for traitors cooks

No one ever noticed,
all those emotional scars.
The burden put upon you,
weights more than a thousand cars.

If only they saw.
If only they heard.
The heart of a young boy,
that gradually broke.

If your only strength,
they hadn't taken,
that cereal guy might be,
an angel from heaven.
Louella Apr 2015
In the patience of the seed,
In the life waiting hushed beneath the snow,
In the longing of the night for dawn,
In the tiny tendril peeking through
a pavement crack,
In the little boy's terrified heart as she opens his note in class,
that wonderful thing: hope.
For the young man who said earlier today, 'write something nice and positive about hope'
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