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Wahed Sep 2021
To describe your Beauty,
Is to plunge into an art-piece…
Lost in colour,
At the service of The Creator’s brush…
Wahed Jun 2020
Wherever you go,
& whatever you may find...
Know that i am with You,
in body, soul and mind...
Wahed Jun 2020
Sounds like a battle cry,
Shall i ready the armies,
For battle, then?

This will be an epic, remember.
A battle of fear and desire,
In moonless nights,
In the depths
Of souls of men.

Ready the armies please brother,
Our soldiers filled with love.
This epic, eternally remembered.
Our call coming from up Above...

In the midst of moonless darkness,
Light shall shine from within.
Our desires directed to the Oneness,
Fear cannot remain!
A collaboration with a soul i am yet to meet...
Wahed Apr 2020
Eyes closed,
Sounds asunder.
Brimming with God’s breath,
The connection to each other...

Hearts open,
Subtle and true,
The Silent Witness...

We are ready,
For secrets are being unlocked.
The story of who we are,
A path we thought was blocked...

Souls touched,
Seeing what was always there,
Blinded by the branding...

Egos surrender,
Selfish ways are naught.
The only way up,
Is to question all that we have been taught...

For now,
Let us pray.
Allow our inner eye,
To kneel to all of God’s names...

Eyes open,
Windows cleaned.
Sharing in our base frequency,
Love ultimately achieved.
Wahed Jan 2020
The universe at our finger tips,
Just beyond the edge of our reach...
What are we waiting for,
When love asks us to breach?

Leave fear behind,
And let us follow.
The messages are there to find,
The Word is no longer hollow!

Hold my hand...
So we may walk upon the night’s floor.
Let us dance between the stars,
And enter through Heaven’s door...

A promise of God,
As we rest in each other’s arms...
Intertwined and connected,
Ever gentle and calm...
Wahed Jan 2020
May the truth shine light upon my path,
May gratitude pave my way...

May love be the companion of my journey,
May beauty uphold my grave...
Wahed Jan 2020
A guess,
A hint,
What can be told?

A look,
A gaze,
Will this story ever unfold?

Drawn by you,
Like the planets around the sun..
Your rays shine through,
And my day has finally begun..

A laugh,
A smile,
May we pursue?

A touch,
A feeling,
And allow our hearts to decipher the clue..

Falling for you,
Like a bee with a new found flower...
Your scent so true,
Turning "I" into "our"

A hug,
A kiss,
Perhaps my final one?

A love for you,
Welcomed by God's infinite SuN...
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