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Anita Dec 2019
I hear the tone of a thousand galaxies. Only sweet angels shed whimsical tears

    Some thoughts form bubbles in the mind, and with a pop, they are gone. Prancing further and further from the fingertips of those who wish to comprehend them.

      They still their breaths and try as they might, halt their lungs but thoughts are fickle things that only come when one does not call for them. This mind experiences assorted thoughts, some plunge like rain from the sky, rapidly and frigid, with no notions of passing by.

While others are sweet and delicate murmurs, some thoughts hold nothing but lie full of animosity and self-hatred, there are those few certainties that cling to our senses like moist cloth on heated summer days.

       And there is a singular truth that none can deny. Through these sights, soaring belts of asteroids and the birth of newly hatched nebulas can be seen.

     For these gazes see freshly pickled specks of lights dispersed across the realms and heed the sounds of a thousand galaxies.

And in these galaxies, holds dust and nothingness
We are all star children. and we have fallen from our hidden temples
K Eaglechild Feb 2018
Tonight I lack the strength to even move.
Delusive ropes entwined with my limbs
And I’m bound against my crinkled bedspread;
like a deer on the hood of a truck;
(You’re the hunter and I was the prey).
I’m addicted to you.
I cannot help but let—
My tears slip from my bloodshot eyes and
streams down into my fractured heart
Inside me;

The place you once use to be.
As of lately I have felt more free
But not in sense that one would naturally assume.  
My freedom is one more personal to me,
It is one that is still in bloom.  
Yes, to some freedom is money,
Life is all about acquiring wealth.
Well let me tell you something honey,
One thing more important is health.
Others may require something deeper,
Something one may not see with the naked eye.
Yet one day you may come across a keeper,
And without knowing, you let them pass by.  
Love is something everyone searches for,
Whether that be in money, people, or possessions.
Yet somehow we always require much more,
And desires turn into obsessions.  
Once we require more and more,
We become human parasites.
There is nothing more to explore,
We will have tarnished our paradise.  
Do not live in past, there's no need to rewind.
Do not live in times yet to come, they have yet to occur
Just try to relax your mind,
And to the present moment you will transfer.
There is something beautiful and FREE about living in the now,
A poem may not even suffice.
It's a mindset rebirth, one you have to allow.  
Yet, I highly recommend you take my advice ❤
Jo Baez Jan 2016
I awoke covered in autumn leaves under a dying tree.
A dead cold breeze flees & returns through out me.
As if I had holes in my body & the wind doesn't acknowledge me.
Melancholy fog shelters this cemetery
While I lay here, my face against the graveyard grass.
My head tilted to the right, staring at written dates on tombstones without engraved epitaphs.
There lays the buried graves of my past selfs

— The End —