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Asominate Feb 2018
Despite these masks of happiness,
Jo drown in dark despair,
Jo mind may be a paintbrush,
What Jo create with it, beware!
The pen is mightier than the sword;
It has no limitation

Can't refrain, Jo mind can stain,
Now nothing can erase us now!

Can Jo describe the face Jo saw?
It would be ones you recognize.

Can't harm hands that holds, writes, and draws.
Imagination cursed us all with 'life.'

Jo blinded by Jo disease growing;
Jo heart is full of finite-loathing-
With secrets that Jo keep from showing,
Is disease sheep in wolfish clothing?
Flood Jo mind, with disease flowing-
Push Jo to the brink of blowing.
We hope disease think of going,
Jo weighed down to keep from floating.
Come with us, tell you 'bout Joey:
We keep Jo from being lonely,
Silent screaming, sinking slowly-
Give back Jo soul, what disease owe we.
Somethings, we feel like we aren't the only ones in Jo's mind.
SJ Jun 2017
The music beating in the damp dark room made her spin in half circles. Her hips swung side to side as her arms lifted into the air. The glint of jewelry sparkling in the dim lighting of the packed space.
A soft smile, lips curled just at the edges with eyes closed to the world around her. Dark auburn locks hung past her shoulders in loose waves. By the gods above and below she was a lovely sight.
Those who's eyes fell and lingered about her frame watched in admiration. Thick thighs and strong shoulders rippling under soft brown skin, exposed by the strapless tank she wore.
Men tried to pull her into a dance of grinding hips and over-reaching touches. Women watched carelessly, few approached her. Always managing to slip away from the heavier petting she would drag the ladies who she saw staring with desire.
Enticing as she was few recognized what she was; a deceiver of fools, a heartbreaker. With her pretty smiles and soft eyes.
A light press of lips against the shell of your ear, a warm hand just grazing against heated skin, and a laugh that has your heart beating frantically.
Soft as a dream kisses just as sweet. She is the best thing you will ever have, touch, feel, breath.
She sinks into the earth as the sun rises in the east.
Never to be seen.
Yeees, you have seen the title somewhere before. This poem (??) was inspired by the Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face
Woody Nov 2016
I like a woman
with a left-leaning look
who likes to sing while she cooks -

she prefers her men lean
and a little bit mean

- a woman who rolls her own cigarettes
and doesn't let me forget
my place in her grand scheme of things -

I like a woman who can sing down low
at the deep end of the rhythm
where shadows dance -

you know?

I like a woman - she's an anthropologist
but no apologist, an original colonist,
a little into dominance - the kind of woman
Fox News calls an arsonist
and a communist -

and she tells me all I need to know.
A poem from a previous life.  Resurrected because, well, I just like it.  :)
Sorry if you recall it.  I found it hiding in an old manuscript.
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Bob sang about it
Martin dreamed it
John  and yoko did too
Jo spoke out
As Europeans we were close
One world one love
Leaders unite
Listen to our past
Make peace top of the pack
Lets not go back
Evolve for unity
Let's get together and be that all inclusive
one world
One love
Inspired by those that stayed true too peace love unity
Äŧül Jul 2016
Jo mere dil mein tu basi hai, (If inside my heart you reside,)
Toh zindagi ki har khushi hai, (Then I have all happiness in life,)
Na jaana – Na jaana jaanam mujhe chhod ke, (Don’t leave me alone,)
Na jaana – Na jaana mera dil tod ke… (Don’t ever break my heart…)

Tum se hi mera hausla hai, (My morale is from you,)
Tum se hi har faisla hai, (From you each of my decisions,)
Tere bagaer zindagi, begaani… (Without you my life is, stranger…)
Tere bagaer zindagi, veerani… (Without you my life is, emptier…)

Tum se hi jaana pyaar kya hai, (I have known love after knowing you,)
Tum se hi nayi zindagi hai, (Knowing you only I have a new life,)
Tere bagaer zindagi, begaani… (Without you my life is, stranger…)
Tere bagaer zindagi, veerani… (Without you my life is, emptier…)

Jo mere dil mein, tu basi hai, (If inside my heart you reside,)
Toh zindagi ki har khushi hai, (Then I have all happiness in life,)
Jo tu nahin toh, kya zindagi hai, (If you aren’t here, what my life is,)
Jo tu nahin toh, kya zindagi hai... (If you aren’t here, what my life is...)
The lyrics to the song which I had composed at just fifteen years of age but could never reach in time the ears it had been originally composed for.

My HP Poem #1099
©Atul Kaushal

The title is pronounced as /jo may-ray dil mein/.
Genevieve Aug 2015
Baby, I'm a thief.
I will steal your sleep
With a word,
Enticing you to shed your blankets
And walk the night with me
Like a demonic Sandman
And we'll do un-Hypnotic things
And un-Morpheus things.
Nyx would be proud.
So scurry away little boy
I will make you so sleep deprived,
You won't even remember your name
And I'll send you off in the morning
With dark circles,
Drooping eyelids,
And to accidents lying in wait for you
Beware of me, love.
I will ruin your life
As I steal your sleep.

Forgive me, and goodnight.
A tribute to a poem written by a dear friend of mine. We all have nasty perceptions of ourselves to some degree. He thinks he's a shark, and I'm a sleep thief.

— The End —