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Solomon Jun 2020
Sing to the river,
Just to tame its rushing flow,
Save your songs and go.
  Jun 2020 Solomon
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
  Jun 2020 Solomon
Catnip Lily
Travel alone in a moonless night is a bliss, for the stars lightened my journey.
Without the sun and the moon is easy, for not even a shadow could bother me.  
No noises, no judging eyes, no condemnation, just a mesmerising quietness.
  Jun 2020 Solomon
Catnip Lily
News comes in spectrums
In the sun in the rain
Delivered by stork or by train
Not cloaked in fairytales
Cancer was the news
No tomorrow I wonder

I stood still amidst the cold stone room
Attentively listening to the news caster
A breeze of life flew out of me
As I gazed in awe about tomorrow
Devastated but without known sorrow
Life goes on said the unforgiving news breaker

In emptiness I glimpsed into the future
The day my loved ones living without mama
Solomon Jun 2020
Pour water on me,
Set your bright eyes on me please,
And I'll grow on you.
Solomon Jun 2020
The gentle breeze caress me,
As I stare at the skies by the sea,
The leaves are falling slowly,
And the birds sing softly for free,
When your death came before me,
The universe mourned you for me,
For I lived too long somewhere magical,
A place of you and me,
Now life devoid you is surely hevel,
That is what they don't want me to see.

They warned me beforehand,
Magic never last,
When you find out how the trick is done,
And so the magic is gone.

The trick to her magic,
was her being alive.
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