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  Sep 16 Solomon
Flower C
Majestic figure,
Carved with marbles and jewels.
Painted in pure gold.
The figure is majestic indeed,
But marbles and jewels are cold stones,
And pure gold is soft, yes.
  Sep 16 Solomon
Flower C
Your kind words whispered clear,
With your soft smile you wiped my tears,
Told me to cherish them,
To not shed it for unworthy cause,
But when I looked at you through the corner of my eyes,
As if yours were sparkling,
From crying for me.

And from that moment onward,
I knew you lied when you said my heart was fragile,
Because yours were as delicate as Lisianthus,
And mine were a mere Daisy.

Yet your existence proves that,
Being brittle as can be is never weak.
  Sep 16 Solomon
Flower C
I’ve been too drowned in my own cries,
Too used to suffocate,
The coldness doesn’t even reach me anymore,
That I am unsure of my own feelings,
If I have any,
To say I have none would be misleading,
When the tears are still streaming,
And the nights are always long,
Where the sun never rises.
  Sep 16 Solomon
Flower C
Blinking lights I see,
As I empty my restless self,
Captivating like twinkling stars,
That would do death,
To shine upon us their charm,
Like you,
And everyone I'm thinking of,
Are those flickering beacon,
That saves me from sinking,
Ergo you are,
The so called profound beauty,
In this vast dark realm of mine,
  Sep 16 Solomon
Moon Cherry
I heard it again
Pierced through my vein
It made me a villain
With the crime of in vain
I thought it was unfair
The voices in air
Part of me shivered
It got me veered
Cold and vexed
My soul untamed
I was misled
By this evil eyes I have
see yourself
  Sep 15 Solomon
Flower C
The moon's glistening,
I know she is listening,
my nightly singing.
  Sep 15 Solomon
Flower C
A low burning light,
The ground is soaking wet though,
Now glowing in blue.
I know we all have suicidal thoughts and have been at our lowest point, but know that, we'll get through it no matter how hard the situation is and how sad we are about it, I'm sure that we'll grow stronger afterwards.
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