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Unknown Apr 27
I have been conditioned by toxic people previously in my life,
that I was not good enough because of my quiet nature,
because I would rather keep to myself than be in the limelight,
because I am introverted,
because I am not like other girls who 'crave attention' - but rather the opposite.

They made me believe no one would ever like or even date me,
that no one will ever love me because of my 'different and unusual personality'

They broke me,
ruined me.

But they will never know, as they go on to live their lives and leave me in the mud - as I live on hating myself.
to those who have been in a very toxic friendship / environment that made you question your self worth.
Nobody believes me
My own mind deceives me
Why would you concive me
If your just going to leave me
But I've been alone before
And found it quite easy
Just waiting about for the world to release me
Finally lay to rest in the underworld that's beneath me
Where Mr Reaper will greet me
Whilst demons eat me
Finally breifily we could be at peace .. see ???
Angel Mar 2016
They don't believe me.
They don't trust me.
They don't listen.
They think that it's all in my head...
and even if it is,
they're not feeling what I feel.
They don't know,
so how could they possibly help.

— The End —