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What the hell you know about getting upset?
What the hell you know about living in debt?
What the hell you know about pinning up ket?
Then wondering why you have no self respect

What the hell you know about living a dream?
What the hell you know about leaving your team?
What the hell you know about being a fiend?
This is the first time I seen you on the scene. .

What the hell you know about breathing this poverty?
What the hell you know about not eating properly?
What the hell you know about using candles to heat and light your so called property?
Five days straight eating  nothing but broccoli

Maybe it's just my own shadow that's stopping me
Got me under lock an key
But when I break free they'll be not much stopping me
The weight of the world will not get on top of me  
My grandfather already clocked you watching me
If I could do anything
I would be controlling clocks
And go right back to that mouldy box
With the broken locks
And the electrics off
Those days when I would sold me socks for cake and drops
Whist cooking rocks
***** this K detox
I feel like a baby fox
Thats I been ***** by all 3 bears and goldilocks
But day by day with my tool box and theese building blocks
I'll build my very own fort knox
Il see the light shine when I stike the  fire from my matchbox
Listening to my old jukebox
Hollow names
Clogging veins
Rotten brains
Locked in chains
Shocking pains
Blocking drains
plotting change
"I'll stop I'll change"
"I'll stop I'll change"
"I'll stop I'll change"
Cool breeze of death on the back of my throat
Is there light at end of the tunnel
Or just no hope
Walking on the tightrope
Sliding down a slight *****
Is it only me who just can't cope
When all I want is to look down my kaleidoscope
Puff the magic dragon with the gunsmoke
Am I being real or is this just a joke
Nobody believes me
My own mind deceives me
Why would you concive me
If your just going to leave me
But I've been alone before
And found it quite easy
Just waiting about for the world to release me
Finally lay to rest in the underworld that's beneath me
Where Mr Reaper will greet me
Whilst demons eat me
Finally breifily we could be at peace .. see ???
Bored of these games
Screwball scrabble your monopoly
I'll take the risk not pass go or bow to authority

I wanna Poke your face with a hot poker
Just to see your poker face  
I might just be a pawn but the queen's I have to chase

And who would of thunk
I lost all my marbles
When I went and played kerplunk
My battle ship sunk
And it's now not the rope swing
I want hang from that tree trunk

So check mate this was my only first draughts
The mouse has been trapped warhammer's looking for a blood bath on the warpath

So don't go and pin the tail on the donkey
Coz' you might get a buckaroo though
But look for the clue'do
And you might find more
But only if your a hungry hippo and can find the hidden meanings in theese words and connect all four
When the blood hits the barrel
My whole world unravels
It's time to time travel
As I sink into the gravel
Words become babble
Everyday's a constant battle
Please free me from this shackle
As i wake up in the morning
Feeling free and newborn
But ready for the rattle
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