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Sunny May 2019
When you're awake
Likely chatting away on Discord.
I'm likely tossing and turning
Trying to get to sleep.

And when I'm up
At an ungodly hour in the morning.
You're probably asleep.
Hugging your pillow, I hope.

Halfway across the country now.
The distance between us feels further
Yet when we talk it feels like
You never left.

One day, I'll join you
And then, finally
Our schedules won't be awkward.
Instead, they'll be synchronized.
Hello goodmorning
Today for calling
So low so snoring
I wonder why we say good morning

Tonight in your place
I help you like im waze
In honesty been daze
I can tell your tired for some days

Get back in bed
Few minutes before Wed
I know it's still a more hours from my bill
But I'll see you right through
Because of my choice of do
So take dudette and dude
Across the globe I'll help you too.
Few days in a new job, hope you guys are doing well across the globe strangers
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Sometimes I lay on my bed,
When you lie asleep,
Makes me hate the timezones more and more -
But it allows me to think about you more and more.

I lay there and I dream of meeting you love,
I dream of kissing you the first time our eyes actually meet,
Of holding you tight.
I dream of the taste of your tongue,
Feeling the heat energy given off by your face when I remind you you're beautiful.

I dream of holding you tight
And whispering some ***** things into your ear,
Then you know exactly what I'm insinuating because you'll act uncomfortable.
I wonder what will happen,
Would you give me a church girl's response?
Would you act shy and tell me that you're only doing it for me.
Or would you just grab me,
And tell me by the means of your caresses that you want to...

I wonder if you'll mind,
Mind me and my desires...
Would you give yourself to me wholeheartedly or would you rethink our relationship?
I wonder if you would be mad at me if I forced my lips onto yours in public.
I wonder if you'd be submissive to me, or maybe you'd be the one making demands, begging me to kiss you, give you massages, or just to hold you because you want me closer.
I wonder if you're like me,
One who gets tired of hearing confessions
And just wants to feel loved in another way - by another way, I mean I want you to taunt my pleasure receptors.

I want your skin on mine,
I want to feel you exhale upon my skin...
I just want you,
A lot...
Straightforward with my feelings there :D
-just being honest
Creep Dec 2014
I hate time zones.
island in the sun
by weezer

its keeping me away from you...
Just Melz Oct 2014
England, 6am
Germany, 7am
Singapore, 1pm
Australia, 4pm
Just keeping track of my friends

Friends from all over the world can be complicated at times.
Creep Jul 2014
I forget its night time where you are,
not morning like me,
because I feel like you're right next to me.
eh... hate different time zones sometimes...

— The End —