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Paul Butters Mar 2018
Don’t cut all your food up before you eat it:
Slice as you go.
And don’t mix up your curry and rice first:
Take some curry, add some rice…
“But I can eat it all at once this way”.

Cut your box hedge only once or twice per year.
“That will let it grow six foot high instead of four though”.
Do all your shopping at once.
Plan ahead so you don’t have to nip out for things.
“Hate shopping. Rather buy as and when.”

Put your Geraniums in pots over winter.
“I’ll need hell of a lot of pots!
Will break the roots
Digging them out
Of that claggy soil.”

Your Artex could have Asbestos in it:
That could be dangerous.
“I’m not about to drill into it
And breathe in the dust am I?”

What you don’t know when your car MOT and tax are due?
“My garage knows and they look after me.
But I checked them on the internet now.
The garage is right.”

You didn’t know you’d paid off your mortgage
And you claimed for a moat?
“I’m a politician”.

Why do you put all that ******* on Facebook?
“Because my friends Love my posts and say so.”

You are supposed to…
You shouldn’t…
You should…
You mustn’t…
You Must!


Paul Butters

© PB 26\3\2018.
A Slice of My Life indeed.
Rose Nov 2017
Life is like Ikea,
Feels like it will never end,
But when it does,
It is too late.

A labyrinth you enter,
Beds and pillows guide the way,
Seems so cynical and perfect,
Still the hassle lies within.

It begins as an endless curiosity,
Soon trivially you follow the lines,
The excitement slowly fades,
It just has to be done.
A boy asked God

"Could you please
give me patience? "

God to the boy

"I will send to you challenge! "

The boy to God

"I think we are not
On the same page
When I asked
You for patience
It is not for  a change! "

God to the boy

"Patience presupposes hassle,
In the remoulding
Process to render you
Tolerant and gentle!

Boy to God

"Yes hassle
To change
The peevish
To gentle
I shouldn't forget
Your omniscience mantle!
You break
Anew to make! "
Sometimes we need shock treatment to understand things
Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2014
I want to dump the junk
hurl the hassle
and know for sure
it’s nothing more
than ancient garbage
hanging heavy
on my shoulders
Elizabeth P Aug 2014
Sometimes being unique is a hassle
When you're in a castle
Where everyone is the same
And no one's like you
There's no one to talk to

They don't know your music
Or read poetry

You don't share the money
That drips like honey from their clothes

You don't like rap
Which is readily on tap

You're not athletic
Makes you feel pathetic

You feel so alone
They're all such clones
Same hair
Same clothes
Same likes and dislikes
What's an outsider to do?

You end up left out
In a dark corner where nothing presides
Divides you from everyone else.

Sometimes being different is a hassle
When you live in a castle
Where being different is frowned upon.
There was just a situation this weekend where I knew I didn't fit in and it made me feel really alone and unwanted.

— The End —