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Rose Mar 2019
Stopped responding
I let it go
Hoping that someday
You would come wandering

Nothing in my favour
Things moved on
Confiding in the future  
It was gone

Glimpses of you
Made me believe
That there still was a chance
I guess I was wrong

You made a statement
Yet defriending does not remove
I still exist
In both memory and you

Left to my own thoughts
What did I do wrong
Was it me
Or has someone else come along?
Can you allow yourself to be irritated and feel hurt, when you weren't even in a relationship
Rose Jan 2019
I want to get to know him
or at least explore
what it could lead to
but I'm afraid
hindered by the past
being in love with the idea
my illusions.
Rose Jan 2019
The feeling of your lips on mine
moving in synch to the music
slurred words
I cannot remember
laughter and tears
caused by forgotten actions
waking up
the next morning
feeling like
it wasn't me.
Rose Jan 2019
Sometimes I feel like I'm so complicated
I can't even figure myself out
and other times
I feel so basic it is obvious.
Rose Dec 2018
It is too late to know
what it could have been
Like sand slipping through
The gaps between your fingers
Slowly running out

Time doesn’t turn
Actions pave the way
Speaking louder than words
Only thoughts are left
What if?

The unrealistic expectations
That were never fully explored
Create ridges of regret
That cannot be filled
It is too late

Is it faith speaking
Or purely the soothing words
Wanted to be heard
Acting as nothing
But comfort

In all confusion
There is something to be said
Something to be done
And another perspective
Waiting to be explored
Rose Nov 2017
Not everything is sad,
Yet it's usually what poetry expresses,
But if you look beside it,
There is a world full of successes.
Rose Nov 2017
Life is like Ikea,
Feels like it will never end,
But when it does,
It is too late.

A labyrinth you enter,
Beds and pillows guide the way,
Seems so cynical and perfect,
Still the hassle lies within.

It begins as an endless curiosity,
Soon trivially you follow the lines,
The excitement slowly fades,
It just has to be done.
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