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arCamm Dec 2020
warmth, i spew to you,
with time, you must choose,
feed me fuel or let me die.

- a.r.Camm
Whether it's in our relationships, our jobs/careers, friendships, or within ourselves, the life of that flame is something that must be a priority. Given time, it'll dim and at other times we give a bit of it to someone/something else... in hopes that it'll give them light. At times we give someone/something else the gas tank... to see if it is worth saving to them...

Whatever the circumstance, be mindful of that flame. It is our ideas, emotions, effort... our everything. It is our lifeline...
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2020

Lamenting embrace
Memories are lost in time
Murmurs of a dream

Fortune falls on me
Answers take wing on whispers
Leaves without a care

Shame hinders my heart
The light ascends without me
I await the storm

So much worry and fears in my heart.
I wish I could stay it...
I really do.

Be back soon later with more poems!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2020

Today's yesterday
Becomes many yesterdays
Flow like lifetimes past


Leaving me adrift
As my heart now sprouts its wings
Yet cannot take flight


Cuddled close by dreams
All I want I wish to be
Then the feathers falls


Tomorrow echoes
As I reach to grasp its call
I fear the days past


For dry ink can haunt
Feathers plucked by every taunt
Sleepless heart weeps raw


Am I of the light
Am I worthy of the heights
or worth a twinkle


My heart on my lap
Mind abed on sea of grass
As I count the days

Mini haiku story...
It's one hell of a bad habit, being lost in my own head, my thoughts.
The years have gone by, and I find myself wishing more for a reset button.
Yet, I also wish to learn how to forgive oneself.
Theres so much I want to do, so much I want to prove to myself that I am capable of. I pray that the coming year will be one of deeper self reflection with the goals I have in mind...
I so wish to be a talented poetess for writing has been there for me through thick and thin.
The more I fall in love and improve, the more my heart aches...
I gotta keep moving forwards though
I cant die and not try, not yet,
Not yet...

Be back soon with more poems, thank you everyone for all the love and support, really.
Stay safe and well.
Much love,
Lyn ***
Henry Oct 2020
The warrior walks
Dawn's first light in the forest
A babbling stream

The birds are chirping
He wades through the tide of mist
Around his ankles

The stream is ahead
Dropping his weapon he falls
The battle was won

He saved his village
But suffered a grievous wound
He reaches forward

The ice cold water
Brings wet fingers to his lips
A slight refreshment

Savoring the taste
A bed of wild flowers
A perfect cushion

Weapon behind him
He thinks about his breathing
With grass on his face

Remembers, exhale
His wife and child, inhale
Beautiful, exhale

Remembers, inhale
The days long battle, exhale
His people saved, still

Remembers, inhale
Vibrant colors of spring, still
His daughter's face, still

Remembers, exhale
Cold water on his lips, still
Birds are chirping, still

Wild flowers, still
Rays of dawn pierce the trees, still
A babbling stream
Oct 7, 2020
Betty Aug 2020
Asking your doctor
Takes five embarrassed minutes
Dead is forever!
I put off going to the Doctors thinking it is only a little mole-and it was cancer!
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
Read you my poem
Excited to share, you're deaf
You silenced my lips
Someone please message me to share their thoughts.  First haiku, trying to convey the thought about my passion of writing, and how it annoys those to dont understand, or want to understand.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020

Fingers work lightly
Holding breath ahead of time
Farming of today

Planning of futures
Nature's grasp now look for more
Sun shines so brightly

So greatly humbled
The future will need me more
than my own past would

Another beautiful day today!
Here I am at work listening to Ludovico Einaudi's 'Divienire' track on repeat. I listened to it on the way and will do so throughout my shift.
His music makes me feel so reflective, so emotional.
And slowly, I am learning to forgive myself for all my past mistakes, as much as I lament on them.
I know my future needs me more than my past ever would.
It's hard, but I'm getting there...
Slowly but surely.
So Amanda, this one's for you! Thank you so much for everything 😊💜🌹

Divenire translates into 'to become / becoming' I believe which is fitting.
I have so many plans in the works. I will do my best to turn up as the person I dream of being in this life.

For those who want to hear the track, here is the link:
Please do listen, it's well worth it! Easily one of my favourite composers to date! I discovered him by accident but it was well worth it!

Have a lovely day everyone!
Stay safe and well!
Much love,
Lyn 💜

(P.S, I will be starting and resuming some of my old collections and I have a new one in the works, I'm just doing extensive research for now.
I feel so inspired! Alot of ink will spill soon!)
tmartin Jun 2020
a heart:
i see i have made plenty of poets
but not so very good

a ****:
i see i have made plenty of poetry
but not so very good
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