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arCamm Dec 2020
gloomy days
gloomy skies
brighter times will arise

- a.r.Camm
As I look out of my second story window, the world seems ill... has been for a long time. As sunny as the skies are at times, grey clouds still hover. Cries and screams still reside over the speaker systems. And above all else, we go on as if it's the way it's supposed to be...

What comes with darkness, a light to clear the pathway to correctness, togetherness, and love...

Brighter days will come... I'm sure of it.
M-PAC Mar 2018
There are days full of wondering.
There are days where I’m pretending.
There are days where I don’t know where to go.
There are days where I feel I’m dying slow.
There are days,
Where the pain doesn’t even exist.
There are days that I forget you live.
Then, there are days your memory digs a hole. Deep into my mind to make itself at home. Echoes of your voice play throughout my head, along with your scent, the memories, and holding you close in the bed.

Trust me I’m fine.

I’ve been fine since you left.
Took a journey of my own
found light and even found death.
How I miss you dear friend, miss you more than ever. Wishing we could communicate so we could tell everything to each other.
You left me?
You can’t just come back. If it was you all alone then I’d understand that.
But you chose them...
over me?
You thought you knew what burned meant?
The flame you left me with was another degree.
It took some time,
I had to find myself.
I’ve waited patiently.
Writing came into play,
Now I’m just a man
planting magic seeds.

To be or not to be? That is the real question.

As I wonder; I look for hope.
As I pretend; I look for meaning.
When I don’t know where to go; I remember, no one does.
Life finds you.
When I feel I’m dying slow; I’m actually living.
When the pain is absent; it’ll usually come back that night.
Days that I forget you live; let’s me know this ain’t right.
Maybe in due time.
Nothing I can do to fight.
So don’t ask me if I’m okay.

Trust me,
Baby I’m fine.
I’m fine.
Trust me baby I’m fine.
Just trust me when I say it,
Baby I’m fine.
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Hope alights like a new dawn
Springing forth on young legs like a fawn.
We are yet in darkness and despair
So, unseeing, we are not yet aware
Of the light that lies just beyond.
Before too long a new day has dawned.
Hope flies on the wings of tomorrow
Where we begin to let go of our pain and sorrow.
A single ray of light in the darkest night can pierce,
And a single small flame can burn all the more fierce.
Like a river will eventually find its way to the sea,
We follow our hope to the source that makes our hearts free.
Brighter days are soon to come;
Spreading hope to everyone.

— The End —