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I felt so truly disemboweled when
I was told that my little sister
Won't even be given the chance
At life or to explore the world
Never to laugh and smile or
Would never say my name half correctly
Can't help but feel like I was gutted
Donna Mar 2019
The shiny stars fell
to earth and slept upon a
road going nowhere
Noelle M Eithun May 2018
I feel hollowed out, gutted.
I can hear my heartbeat echo throughout my chest,
making it the only way I know I am still alive.

and that something is still alive in me.
What do you do when you don't feel anything at all?
Poetic T Apr 2017
The ruination of a twenty minute piece,
only two stanzas in verse but a  Michelangelo
of verse, but in full discontent it crashed
and my art became white washed into oblivion...

I swigged three vodkas at the nothingness that
stared back, there are some that are creations
never to be repeated, an amnesia of vison
but all I got was a 502 reload **** that...
fix the **** ups or I'm gone...
God  I don't  understand this
But I'll  try my best to trust you.
But right  now I am hurting.
My dad  is lying in a hospital  bed in pain
With too broken hips .
Andrew Switzer Aug 2015
I can't remember what time feels like,
Or how to form a genuine smile.
I've forgotten the sound of my heart hammering in my ears,
And the sensation of touch is a beautiful memory.
Gutted. Numb. Hollow. Lost.
Camille Alipio Apr 2015
Sad & gutted
I miss him...terribly do
But then something's stopping me
Me, myself, and I
Oh...sad & gutted.

— The End —